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  • Mar 10th 2020 at 6:22 PM
    A Billionaires Guide To Getting Rich

    A Billionaires Guide To Getting Rich

    A wise man once said " If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the person who goes back and forth on it."

    That ancient advice is sound and timeless.

    Can you profit from it?

    Are you following it in your online business?

    If you are like most others online, probably not.

    So, let me ask you...who's advice are you listening to and how is that working out?

    ** Your best friend who knows a guy
    ** Your postman
    ** Your hairstylist or next door neighbour
    ** Your jogging partner

    That list is endless.

    You feel exhilaration when starting a home based business and then the doomsayers and other dream stealers stomp all over your dreams.

    If you feel tempted to listen to their doom and gloom forecasts, ask yourself this question: have they been there and done what you want to do and where you want to go?

    Probably not.

    So whose advice should you listen to? Those who have done it, been there and are successful. In other words, those who have already climbed the mountain!

    One such man who has climbed that proverbial mountain and made a huge fortune in his life is J. Paul Getty, of Getty Oil fame.

    That is the same J. Paul Getty who also once said: "Give me 1% of the efforts of 100 men, rather than 100% of the efforts of myself."

    He is certainly an individual who knew the power of multiplied efforts and realized that the miniscule efforts of 100 men would vastly surpass the total efforts of just one man, no matter who that man was.

    In his autobiography Getty listed his ten rules for creating wealth.

    Do you know what his number one rule for getting rich and amassing wealth is?

    You MUST have your own business.

    Not one of his ten rules for getting rich was to "get a good job".

    Those same skills that you use to make money for your boss and make him rich could be used more creatively to make wealth for you.

    I am reminded of an old cartoon that drives this point home in a poignant manner.

    A father asked his son one day, "Son, wouldn't you like to someday be a professional football player and make all that money?"

    The little boy looks at his father and says, "Daddy, I'd rather be that guy who owns the entire football team and afford to pay the whole team."

    The next time you get excited, keep this little story in mind and remember the famous words of Benjamin Franklin who once said: "Keep Thy Shop and Thy Shop Will Keep Thee."

    Dare to dream big.

    Be your own boss.

    There is nothing that can make you achieve richness and wealth sooner and with more satisfaction.

    Ignore the dream stealers and the doomsayers.

    They can continue to cut hair, deliver mail, repair cars, or do anything else that their "job" demands of them.

    Heed the words of a billionaire who has climbed that mountain, built that dream, amassed that fortune, and left a legacy that few others could match.

    The plan for success was written long ago and is available for you to follow.

    All you have to do is understand what to do and how to do it.

    Now go and write your own story.

    The world is waiting.




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