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  • Jul 3rd 2022 at 12:22 AM
    Hello to you, A little about me...

    Hello to you.

    This is John Jackson and I am happy to
    be a part of this community.

    I want to share a little about myself.

    I am the founder of Share Of Money which is my content, dedicated to helping newbies and other aspiring to
    be entreprenuers.

    My goal is to create life changing income and share
    what I am doing with others.

    I am not there yet but I am growing and
    I am determined to create a full time income from my
    marketing efforts.

    I have always had a love for helping others as I have been
    a tutor for many years.

    It is the same sort of passion that drives me to create a life that I can be happy with and help others do the same.

    I am in South Carolina...I love movies and video games...

    But I also love affiliate marketing.

    I am glad to be hear and look forward to meeting others that have the same passion like me.

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