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  • I am quite puzzled by a few of the comments left on the login spotlight here at Hungry for Hits. Its not possible to respond to any of those so I decided to write a blog post about it.

    My goal? My goal here is clearly to educate, there is no hate or anything like that so please do not misunderstand my attentions.

    COMMENT 1: "The only features are games? No thanks. Too hard to use script anyway, it makes no sense and hard to find.
    MY RESPONSE: When advertising in TEs, a splash page has always been the most effective. With that said, less is more. Key points are usually only necessary to grab the viewers attention. Too much information when advertising in these types of programs is never good. This is a well known, proven, fact. If you were interested and wanted more information, you click on the ad ;) The script is actually very easy to use. I don't just say that because I built it, I say it from experience. I am my own worse critic. As I have said, some issues may be due to the fact a lot are use to the cookie cutter LFMTE scripts. No hate. What I mean by that is, with those scripts everything is pretty much exactly the same. So when you get a site like mine then that is completely custom built, its different, things are not always in the same places. It simply takes a little getting use to. Hating on a program because its different really makes no sense to me. The focus should be more towards the hard work that has gone into the development of a completely custom build. Otherwise you could really miss out on something great ;)

    COMMENT 2: "Really poor way to get members back. Be an active owner and you don't need to pay for surfing."

    MY RESPONSE: I was always an active owner. In fact, up to the point where I loss PayPal, I was in chat EVERY day for the first 8 years. It was only after losing PayPal that I became not so active. On top of all that, I have also been battling depression. Always good to get facts before making comments like that because you never know what someone has had to deal with. With that said, I take pride in giving back to the community.

    COMMENT 3: "Too difficult to use, can't find anything in script. Hidden, tiny, wish it was simple like here and I might use it"

    MY RESPONSE: I am honestly a little puzzled about this one. I have been doing website development for around 15 years now and one of the things I have been known for is creating "flow" within my builds. In other words, easy to navigate. The main menu is actually really huge, clearly labeled buttons. For example, any advertising related sites are clearly labeled, "My Advertising". Features, all nestled under a big button called features. It would be interested to talk to the person on this to get their thoughts.

    COMMENT 4: "Absolutely hated the old script and this one is just as bad! Like 10 clicks just to assign credits!!! No overview, no site stats, not user friendly"

    MY RESPONSE: This one actually made me laugh a bit. 10 clicks to assign credits? lol. No stats? 1) Easily distribute credits to all your sites with just 1 click. 2) Icon clearly labeled "stats" to view stats about each of your sites. User friendly is what I do and what I'm known for in the web development world. I understand that some of this may be because the majority are so use to cookie cutter LFMTE scripts. (no hate)

    COMMENT 5: "Relaunching? It never closed. Just fix it and promote it instead"

    MY RESPONSE: A site don't have to be closed to relaunch. There is really nothing to fix and promote it? lol I started SocialSurf4U back in 2011 with $10 to my name. I don't think anybody promoted any harder then me. That site grew to over 36,000 members. Promoting is what I do. I did find this comment kind of funny however, since it was actually commenting on an advertisement I paid for. (no hate)

    So that's my two cents worth. lol I hope I clarified a few things here. Like I said, no hate or anything. I know I can't please everyone but it troubles me when the hate is not based on facts.

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