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  • Greetings, fellow bloggers, marketers, etc.! Are you tired of putting in hours of hard work to promote your websites, only to see little to no return? Well, have no fear, because the solution to your problem is here! Let me introduce you to the magic of Harvest Traffic Coop.

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    So, how do you use this amazing tool? It's as easy as following these four simple steps:

    1. Add your websites to Harvest Traffic Coop
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    Check your stats to see how much traffic you're getting
    See, I told you it was easy! And the best part? It's all based on love and positivity. Each time you advertise your Coop link, it will display another Harvest Traffic Coop member's site, and each time another member promotes their Coop link, they will advertise your websites. So let's spread the love and use this tool to advertise smarter!

    And as always, keep spreading peace, love, and positive vibes,

    Patrick Doolin

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