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  • Jul 11th 2020 at 5:07 PM
    Modulate Your Marketing Mood

    Did you know that, as humans, there are only two things that we enjoy doing everyday -- increasing Serotonin & Dopamine production!

    In fact, they're absolutely critical to maintaining good health, and any deficit of these in the brain can actually be dangerous. A serotonin deficit can lead to obsessive negative thoughts, and a lack of dopamine can harm your reaction time and reduce your motivation.

    Besides being the "feel good" chemicals responsible for our general well-being, they play an important role in our success as a marketer or entrepreneur, as they help us remain happy and motivated to earn money or learn new things.

    For example, if we continue to complete some daily SFI marketing actions like turning red tabs green, entering auctions, and playing Eager Zebra games, you will guarantee an increase in the production of serotonin & dopamine. It's simple science. - Join me at SFI for FREE

    Also, make sure you're getting some type of daily exercise and also including eggs, oats, bananas, chocolate, pineapple, and chickpeas into your diet, as these foods help increase production of these "feel good" chemicals. This will modulate your marketing mood!

    Well, I hope this post can provide a different perspective regarding our marketing efforts.

    To your success,

    Patrick Doolin

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