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Hello To All,
I keep realizing how my interests continue to change the more I learn about online experiences.
My main focus for being online is "YOU." People are my #1 Reason. I am here to help the lives of people to make this world a better place to live for all.
Whatever the information is, good, bad or ugly, I want to inform you of it.
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  • If you've been involved with internet marketing for at least 6 months, then think back and figure out how you got started and why you got started.

    When I talk about how you got started I'm referencing your level of internet and marketing experience, your knowledge of business, and your overall knowledge of computers.

    While listening to a very exciting young man, "Jay Brown, (How To Copy And Paste Ads And Make $100-$500 A Day Online!). on youtube yesterday, I was prompted to click one of his links just to see what he was so excited about and if there was validation for his excitement. Man, was there validation? Within a few minutes of signing up for his and doing very minimal investigating of the offer, "The Light Came On" in my head as clear as the sun on a lovely bright day. "I need to get some Basic Training of how all of this works.

    I had very little knowledge of any of the topics mentioned above, but yet I decided to become an Internet Marketer. Yes, I've made a few dollars, but paid out more than a few, trying to make a few. Now don't get me wrong. The last 2 years haven't been a waste of time because I've learned enough to know, that if I had the proper training from someone who's been in the trenches and is now making millions and more importantly, creating millionaires, then I can apply their business model and knowledge to do the same.

    I am going through my new training now and am ever so excited, motivated and grateful to have listened to a youtube video.

    Now, let me share 2 funny things with you:
    I don't like business videos.
    I was introduced to one of the businesses I signed up for on yesterday, about a year and a half ago. To be honest, I signed up for the business at that time and didn't recognize what I had.

    So, don't make the same mistake I did. And if you can recognize yourself in this blog, then please put on the brakes, go listen to Jay's video. Go right now! Here's the link again.

    I will post another article with my business link as soon as finish today's training.

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