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  • Aug 21st 2020 at 3:46 PM
    TRON Blockchain ~ The New Age Platform

    The hottest and fast growing SmartContract is here...! Sponsor ID 24395 .... Get in faster than the crowd to earn some significant amount of money within next couple of months from the TRON blockchain.

    On July 28, 2020, SUPERSAGE developers deployed a self-executing smart contract on the Tron Blockchain that exists in perpetuity and cannot be modified by any entity.

    Verifiable proof of the project’s performance statistics as well as its partners transaction history are publicly available on the Tron blockchain.

    Indefinite access to the SUPERSAGE project is an intrinsic feature programmed into the smart contract to enable continued participation in the matrix project.

    The SUPERSAGE smart contract is nothing more than a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between its program participants.
    A crowdfunded decentralized matrix project specifically designed to stimulate a global relocation to the crypto ecosystem by offering newcomers a seamless introductory experience.

    *A Smart Contract is a computer-programmed code containing a stringent set of criteria that must be satisfied before a transaction will be approved. Reconciliation of these transactions are performed by a global collection of computer 'nodes' that are volunteered for service by human and corporate entity 'miners' (the computer owners) who are members of the Tron Blockchain’s globally distributed network infrastructure.

    Don't hesitate any further, join from the banner above as soon as now... All you gonna need is a TRON Wallet with minimum 510 TRX in it, which is only about $15 to $16 on average...

    You can also send me a message here in HungryForHits or you can contact me on facebook, either way, you will get response from me asap.

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