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hobby s. playing music; guitar mandolin,some others ,fishing hunting ,outdoor activities , internet , the stock market,living the good life ,without a boss telling me how to work
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  • The Wellness Company, when we say “eco-friendly” we are referring to the difference we make reducing waste with highly concentrated products. It’s a way we can make an impact that really matters. We do our part every day to care for the earth and protect it for generations to come. For over 33 years, we’ve led the way in our industry—the consumer products industry—in caring for the environment. Other companies are now trying to follow our lead. But we have a 30-year head start.
    From carefully selecting biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients, to responsible manufacturing practices, to dramatically minimizing waste, our company has become the world leader in making eco-friendly products. We are committed to growing our tomorrow by doing our part today in ways that matter most.
    You might say we’ve made a concentrated effort.
    Let’s look at the real impact of these efforts: By concentrating products, we reduce the size of everything in the supply chain. Less storage, fewer storage tanks, smaller warehouses, a smaller footprint, fewer trucks, fewer trips, less cardboard used in shipping boxes, less fuel, dramatically less greenhouse emissions, and, most of all, less virgin plastic is used in the first place.
    By using concentrated products, our customers have made a huge impact on the environment.

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