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  • Sep 22nd 2023 at 6:08 AM
    Crypto Sport

    Discover the thrilling intersection of sports and cryptocurrency! Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Crypto Sports, where we explore groundbreaking partnerships that are changing the game. In this edition, we dive into the WeMix Championship 2023, where golf meets crypto, and our collaboration with The Dallas Cowboys.

    WeMix Championship 2023: Where Golf Meets Crypto
    This year's KLPGA Championship, now known as the WeMix Championship 2023, is proudly sponsored by WeMade, a leading Web3 company. This partnership is transforming the tournament, offering golfers a unique opportunity to win cryptocurrency as prize money. Learn more in our latest blog post.
     & The Dallas Cowboys
    It's a winning combination: crypto insights and football thrills all in one package. Learn about crypto through American Football with Crypto Playbook. But there’s more, sign up at to be in with a chance of winning Cowboys x Prizes.
    Unlikely Lessons from Tennis
    We delve into how the financial aspects of Wimbledon can offer valuable lessons for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in our Financial Lessons from Tennis blog post.
    Financial Strategies: Explore how Wimbledon has mastered the art of financial sustainability and how these strategies can be applied in the crypto world.
    Blockchain in Sports: Learn about the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize sports finance, providing transparency and security.
    Cryptocurrency Investments: Gain insights into how the lessons learned from Wimbledon can inform your cryptocurrency investment decisions.
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