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What is a traffic exchange?

Hungry For Hits is a free traffic exchange.

Hungry For Hits is a free manual traffic exchange which provides you with unlimited quality traffic! It works in a very simple way: For each time you view ads from other members, you will earn views to your own site.

You can add your homepage, blog, affiliate link, ad or business opportunity and get free traffic by real people. All websites and online businesses need traffic to be successful.

Why should I join?

Hungry For Hits is rated best traffic exchange.

Hungry For Hits is rated the best traffic exchange by its members and leading advertisers. Easily increase website traffic for free, since it delivers more traffic than most other sites. It is also a social branding platform.

Not only do you get unlimited, free traffic and several exclusive tools, you can also build your brand, connect with thousands of people from all over the world and even make friends!

How do I get started?

Top rated traffic exchange! Get more traffic free and easily in the best traffic exchange.

Sign up, add your website and start viewing some ads to get free traffic immediately! If you want website hits, views to your blog, if you do affiliate marketing or even if you just want some great tracking or advertising tools, Hungry For Hits is the place for you!

The tools have some really advanced features, but everything is easy to use and comes with simple step by step instructions.

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Free Website Traffic!

You get real-time traffic from 35189 members visiting your site, affiliate link or the page you are promoting. Everything comes in a fun, gamified advertising environment.
Hungry For Hits is the best traffic exchange for getting real visitors to your ads. Advertise your websites, different size banners, text ads and brander ads.


You get extensive Tracking tools which easily lets you track the results of your individual websites. You can also combine the trackers into our free site Rotator service!

Page Creator!

You get access to our unique Page Creator, where you can create any type of ad or splashpage from scratch. You can also use it as a branding profile page.


You get your brand seen, to help you build trust and recognition for both yourself and the business you are promoting.

Affiliate Program!

You get access to our free Affiliate program, from which you can get free advertising and commissions. You can also build downlines in several programs.

Downline builders!

Hungry For Hits has one of the largest and most well maintained downline builders in the industry. Use it to passively build downlines in the top traffic exchanges and viral mailers.

Network and Blog!

You get access to our huge social network with all our members. You also get the ability to have your own blog, and we even host it for you!

External text ad exchange!

On top of this, we also offer an external text ad exchange! We call these ads Widget ads. You can use your advertising credits to advertise in our Widget ads,
or place the Widget on your own website to earn advertising for it!

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