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Hits per hour

If you want to control the traffic delivery with more than automatic assign of credits, you can chose how many hits you want per hour to each of your website. You can't get more than the maximum delivery, but you can use this feature if you want to limit the traffic delivery.

For example, if you set 2 hits per hour, you would limit traffic delivery to around 48 hits in a day, spreading it out evenly. If you leave the value at 0, there will be no limit and delivery will be made as quickly as possible. You can see on the Hungry For Hits Statistics page under Home - Statistics around how many hits on average each website will get.

This feature is not the same as the auto assign feature that takes credits from your unassigned credits balance and assigns them to your websites each hour. Hits per hour simply lets you limit the traffic delivery to each link. However, it is great to use the hits per hour feature in combination with any (or both) of the auto assign features. That way you have total control of the number of credits you use each day.

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