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Private Messages

You can send Private messages to other members in Hungry For Hits. When you have logged in, there is a link to your messages at the top of the home page. It says: "You have 0 new private messages". The number 0 changes if you have new, unread messages so you can easily see if someone sent you anything. Just click it to open your private messages, and your unread messages will be on top with bold text and a "new" icon next to them. To open a specific message, click the message subject.

You can also see this in the top surfbar while you are viewing ads in surf. In the menu bar, right below the surf icons. There is a small picture of an envelope and text saying if you have any new messages. The number 0 would change when someone sent you anything. You can click the envelope and it will open your private messages in a new window. To send a message, follow these simple steps:

1. Click any of the links explained above to open your private messages. It automatically takes you to your inbox.
2. Click Compose.
3. First enter either the username or the user ID number of the person you want to send a private message to. If they are your referral, they will appear in the dropdown list of people to select.
4. Enter your message subject in the "Subject" line. Write your message in the big field below.
5. Click send.

You will see a notification saying that your private message has been sent. If there is any error in the username you filled in so that the message couldn't be sent, it will say so. You can find all the messages you have sent previously in the "Sent messages" folder.

To delete a message, click the trash can icon next to the message, or open the message and click Delete. All your deleted messages will go to the "Trash" folder, from where you can either restore it or delete it permanently. There is also an option to Store messages. When you store a message, it moves from the "Inbox" to the "Stored" folder, and from there you can either delete it or restore it back to the inbox.

Private messages are used to send invitations or applications in Team surfing. It is also a good idea to connect with your referrals or get to know others. As stated in the Terms of Service, you may not use Private messages for any unsolicited promoting. If a person didn't specifically ask you for a certain link, do not send any links.

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