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Network friends and contacts

You can add friends by searching for their first name, their last name or their username in the search field in the top right corner of your social network page. Once you find the person your are looking for, click "Add to friends" next to their profile picture. The profile picture for the network and blog pages is the same as your main Hungry For Hits profile picture.

If someone has asked to add you as a friend, you will the pending friend request below your profile picture on your own blog page. You can also see if you have any unread private messages there, although you also have that information both on top of the member home page and in the grey surfbar in surf. If you visit another person's profile, there is a link to send them a private message and another link to add them as a friend below their profile picture.

You can also find people by searching for specific interests, such as "gardening". If someone has filled in their interests, those results will appear too. This also means it is a good idea to fill in yours. You can also find friend requests from others below your Gravatar photo.

Having a lot of friends on the social network is fun and great if you are a social person who also likes to make friends. You get notifications when your friend posts a new blog post. But you don't need to have any. Anyone, no matter if you've met them or not, no matter if they are a member of Hungry For Hits or not, can find you and your blog on the social network page. They can add your RSS feed to a RSS Feed reader, and they can follow you without having you as a friend in Hungry For Hits.

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