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Adding an image to your blog post

To add a picture to your blog, it needs to be uploaded to the web. Unfortunately, it would be too heavy loading if everyone was able to upload all the pictures they wanted from their computer directly on to the server, which is why HTML is the only option. With HTML, it takes the picture from an URL, so the picture is already uploaded somewhere.

The easiest way to upload a picture and get an URL for it is to use a hosting service such as Imgur to upload your pictures and get a link for them. When you have uploaded your picture somewhere and have the URL for it, we need to add it to a HTML tag. The basic tag looks like this:

<img src="URL">

The URL which I marked red should be replaced with the actual link for your picture. Just make sure you keep the " signs. If your picture is bigger than the width of the blog area, it will automatically resize and adjust itself so it will fit in the blog post.

If you want to have your picture centered in the blog, we need to add a final little thing to do that. In my opinion, it looks best if pictures are centered. A centered HTML image has this code:

<center><img src="URL"></center>

Once there is an URL in the HTML, it will display correctly. This is an example of a working HTML image source tag that is displayed in the center of the width of your blog. The URL is marked red.

<center><img src=""></center>

Please keep in mind you may only post pictures you own or have the permission to post. You may under no circumstances post a random picture from the internet if you don't own it, due to copyright laws.

You can also add a link to the picture, like a clickable banner. The format for doing so would be like this. The image URL is marked red, and the link you want people to go to when they click your picture/banner/button is green:

<center><a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""></a></center>

You can copy the code above and replace the green link with whichever link you want people to visit if they click, and the red link with the banner image URL.

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