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If you want to promote Hungry For Hits, we have made some cool advertising material which already has your unique referral ID number attached to it. You will find this material on the Promo Tools page under the Promote menu. If you want to use the main affiliate link or splashpages, you just have to use the URL provided for those, but we also provide promotional peel ads there.

Peel ads are a type of ad that some traffic exchanges have, which displays like in the top right area of the surf. It looks like a folded page corner in a book, and when you hover your mouse over the folded corner it opens up with a larger image. When clicking the image, it will take you to a website.

To add a peel ad from Hungry For Hits on another site, you will need three links; two image URLs and your referral link. The reason why you need two image links is that one is for the small folded corner image, and the second is for the larger expanded image. The image links just display the peel ad pictures, and the referral link has your unique user ID attached to it.

When you go to the Peel Ads section on the Promo tools page, first you see the small corner image with the image link below it. Then you see the larger expanded image, with the image link below it, and finally you see your main affiliate link. The images only have a design on the top right half of it, but once added to a traffic exchange that offers peel ad advertising, it will appear as if you turn a page in a book. You can see an example by clicking here. However, there is just a peel ad on it, in the top right corner, the rest of the page is blank. Typically you would see this type of ad in the top surfbar of a traffic exchange.

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