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You can earn money from Hungry For Hits by referring members. Whenever people you referred purchase something, you will earn a commission. Free members earn 10%, Silver members earn 20%, Gold members and Super advertisers earn 40% of how much they spend. You can also win small cash prizes from games in surf, site events or contests. To check your detailed account cash balance, go to the Commissions page under the Promote menu.

Commissions are paid out every other week on Fridays to all members who have reached the minimim payout ($10) and submitted their payment processor details, listed on the Account Settings under the Account menu. There is also a grace period of 14 days to secure any eventual chargebacks or disputes. I.e, every other week we will send payments over $10 that cleared at least 14 days previously. You may have earned other commissions since then which have not cleared, but those will remain in your account when the payout is made.

Any money you have in your account can also be used for purchases. A red buy button to buy with commissions appears next to items that are for sale if you have enough account cash in your account. Commissions are added instantly and automatically when one of your referrals purchase something, or when you win a cash prize from surfing.

It is also possible to transfer commissions to the Piggy Bank, on the Piggy Bank page under the account menu. If you want to move commissions to the Piggy Bank, you will get a 20% bonus when you transfer. For example, if you transfer $1 from your commissions, you will get $1.20 in your Piggy Bank. Just remember it can't be moved back to your commissions after you transfer it to your Piggy Bank.

Hungry For Hits is not a bank. We can not and will not hold your commissions indefinitely. If you don't login to your account for at least 1 year, we will be forced to deduct any unclaimed commissions. However, if you decide to come back to the site, you can see it clearly listed as "Inactive account" in your commissions list and you will get it back simply by contacting support.

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