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We have an affiliate program in Hungry For Hits. If you refer people to Hungry For Hits, you will earn credits and cash Ccommissions from your referrals when they surf or purchase something. You can create a bit of an an extra income, as well as getting enough credits from your referrals so you do not have to surf to have your ads displayed. If someone is not online, they do not exist. Everyone needs traffic, so the potential market for you is enormous.

You can find the pre-made affiliate tools on the Promo Tools page under the Promote menu. You have a main affiliate link, splashpages, banners, HTML, a Facebook share button and some other things.

You can see the people you have referred to Hungry For Hits on the Referrals page under the Promote menu. If you used any of the pre-made promo tools to sign up, you can see what site your recent referrals signed up from, and also which promotional item they clicked to be your referral. This will help you with information about what sites gives you the best results, as well as what promotional material works best at the sites where you chose to promote Hungry For Hits.

Next to each of your referrals, you can see their name, username and country. There are links to their Social Network and blog page so that you can send them a friend request if you want to, and to their Profile page from the Page creator. You can also see their join date, last login date, status, member level, how much they have surfed and how much they have spent on purchases. On top of the page there is a dropdown menu that lets you sort your referrals list with those details.

There are also two buttons next to each of your referrals. One is to transfer credits to them, and the other one is to send them a Private message. When you click to transfer credits to them, which sometimes can be a good incentive to keep them active, a private message template will open. Fill in how many credits you want to transfer, and if you want you can add to or edit the private message. Once filled in, when you click the Transfer button, your referral will recieve the credits along with your message.

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