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If you advertise your Tracker URLs in traffic sources, Hungry For Hits will collect the stats and results of your advertising, both inside Hungry For Hits and in any other place you might advertise. It is very easy to check stats for your advertising, at any time.

Go to the Tracking page under the Advertising menu and click the "Daily Stats" link next to the tracker you want to check. A new page will open, and the data displayed is the stats of the current day. The current day stats does update in real time, but it does not show you all the data about unique visitors and conversions.

To see more comprehensive stats about another day, click any of the dots that mark days in the "Daily stats graph" on the left side of the page, marked with red in the image below:

When you click there, you will see a list of all the traffic sources where you had views to your Tracker URL on that day. The columns on the right side show the total hits, how many of those were unique visitors, max hits (which is the maximum number of times that the same person viewed your link from that source in one day), and also conversions if you have that enabled.

The traffic sources you see when you click on a day are listed alphabetically. You can click the column headlines, marked in red in the image below, to sort them by the other parameters.

The stats graph on the left side displays total hits in all traffic sources on a specific day. You can also change it to display unique visitors or conversions by changing the data displayed above the graph, marked in red in the image below.

You can zoom the graph in or out with the up and down arrows below it. You also go back and forth in time with the left and right arrows to see the data for specific days, marked in red in the image below:

The detailed tracker stats that display traffic sources, unique visitors, max hits and conversions are kept for 30 days. The total hits data is saved for 6 months.

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