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How will you know the results of your advertising and where you are having the best results, if you don't track your URLs? This is a free and easy way to automatically get statistics on your advertising. To collect data about traffic sources, total hits, unique visitors, max hits and conversions, you need a tracker. A tracker is just another name for a website that you are tracking stats of. Hungry For Hits trackers are very easy to use. You can easily collect this data by first adding the site you want to promote, your original URL, as a tracker.

When you add a tracker, you will get a new URL for the site you want to promote. Advertise it in any traffic source you use, and come back to the Tracking page in Hungry For Hits to check your stats and results.

On the Tracking page under the Advertising menu, add your sites the same way as you would normally add a site on the Websites page under the Advertising menu. Your tracker must use HTTPS, and you can't add a site that is an URL rotator. There is also no use to add a site that is already a tracker from another source. It would only create site redirects and could add to loading time. Even if you want to have the same website in several different rotators, you only have to add it once as a tracker. You can include each tracker it in many different rotators.

1. Enter your website link in the "URL" field, and give it a short name in the "Tracker name" field, marked in green in the image below. Then click the "Add tracker" button.

2. The site checker will scan your website in a blue test window, and then it will be manually checked. It will be approved if it follows the URL rules, displays in the test window (some websites have code to prevent them from displaying in a frame), and isn't already a tracker or rotator.

3. Once added, it will appear listed with the website URL you added, a Tracker URL (which is the link you need to advertise in order to collect data), a link that says "Enable conversion tracking" and a link that says "Daily stats" in the Stats field.

4. This step is not necessary, but if you want to track conversions you have to click the "Enable conversion tracking" link. If possible, select to "Enable Auto Conversion Tracking". This is always possible if you promote Hungry For Hits links from the promo tools section, and usually if you promote other traffic exchanges or mailers too. However, if you are promoting a custom page and you want to track conversions, you can add a little snippet of code provided to you when you click the "Enable conversion tracking" link on your thank you page.

And that is all you need to do to start tracking and collecting stats. Basically you just have to add your site, get a new Tracker URL for it and advertise that Tracker URL in different traffic sources instead of advertising your direct link. The tracked link will display just like it would have with the original link, no matter where you advertise it. The Tracker URL will always be in this format, where the name at the end will be whatever name you gave it when you added your website as a tracker:

If you want to advertise a specific website, but have separate tracking for it (for example if you add it both as a banner or text ad target link, and as a website displayed in surf), there is no need to add the website as two separate trackers. Just add your website as a tracker once. In this example, we will use the tracker name hungryklara1, so the Tracker URL would be:

To separate tracking for it in a single traffic source, add another / at the end of the Tracker URL and then add the site name where you put it (and/or other text without spaces). So it could for example look like this if I wanted to advertise it in a text ad in Hungry For Hits:

The text that you write there at the end doesn't really matter if you aren't interested in checking the stats for that tracker. You could just as well put just a number there. But, when you check the daily stats for the tracker, it will list that text you put there at the end as the traffic source. So in the example above, the traffic source when I check stats for my "hungryklara1" tracker would say "hungrytextad".

If you just want to add the tracker URL several times, and a traffic source for some reason doesn't allow you to put the same link more than once, you can simply add the site name and a number at the end, for example like this:

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