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Unverified account

If you enter your login details and you get a message saying that your account is unverified, you must verify your account. If you just signed up, you have gotten an email to the address you used to register for Hungry For Hits with a verification link. You must click that link before you can log in. We do this to make sure that real people with real email addresses use Hungry For Hits. Please note that you must also verify your account again if you change your email address on the Account Settings page.

If your account has been verified before but you still get the message it is unverified, it is because our emails don't reach you. The most common issue, if your mailbox is active, is that your inbox is full. Simply clear some space in it and click the Resend verification code link on the log in page, enter the email you use for your account and a new verification mail will be sent to you instantly. If the email doesn't appear in your inbox, simply check the junk or spam folder and/or Whitelist in your email account to prevent that these types of emails go to your junk or spam folder again.

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