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  • Building any kind of business takes time, and the only way to really speed up the process is to make use of systems and automation.
    In my primary business I need to be able to generate leads and interest daily.
    I now have a FREE software that allows me to first capture a prospects details, and also allows be to follow up with an email promoting my business.
    If you are not already using a similar system, you should seriously think about doing so, your results will improve and you will also be building your all important email list.
    I started using this system over three years ago and have found it to be very good, I also have upgraded, but this is not necessary unless you wish to do so.
    I upgraded for a one time payment of $7 because I found it advantageous to do so.
    This FREE software is great and is well worth using, I am now seeing my email list and business grow daily.
    Start using this great FREE resource to grow your list, and advertise your primary business on the back end.
    Below is a link if you would like to find out more.
    Thanks for taking the time to view my post, and good luck in your online endeavours, here the link

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  • Hi to everyone and thanks for checking out my post, this post may prove helpful if your new to online marketing and your trying to find out more about affiliate marketing.

    When I first got started I found it very difficult to find good information about this subject, I watched numerous video's and read article's from so called guru's.

    I eventually and thankfully found a great FREE programme which explained the information I needed.
    I actually became a FREE member of a platform called The Wealthy Affiliate.

    On this site I was able to learn the FREE skills necessary to
    improve my online income.

    It is a very helpful and FREE resource and is in my opinion a platform that should be used by anyone looking to get started in the online niche.
    If you are serious about making money from affiliate marketing please check out my affiliate link below.

    If you decide to join this great FREE program, I will if you decide to upgrade in the future earn a commission.
    Thanks for checking out my post, and good luck in your business, here's the link.

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  • Hi to everyone,
    this post might be of help if you need help building a downline, If you have not already started, you will need to start building one if you want to earn real money online.
    Having a list or downline needs to be in my opinion your priority, this has in the past when first started proved to be difficult.
    To obtain leads you need to have a good offer, there needs to be a good reason for people to leave there details by subscribing to your list details.
    One of ways I get leads is to promote a platform called The Guarantee Downline Club.
    This program is great because its main offer is to allow people to join a great business for FREE, and by also giving a sign up bonus of $5, they actually pay you also 50 cents for each referral yo bring to the platform.
    You are being paid effectively to build your own email list.
    I am an upgraded member, but you do not need to do this to build your list and get paid for bringing people to the platform.
    This is a great FREE resource, and has worked well for me on traffic exchanges.
    If you want to join and get started, check out my link.
    If you do join be sure to promote your link on as many free sites as possible, you will see both your list and income grow.
    Here's the link, thanks for reading my post.

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  • Jan 25th 2023 at 6:45 AM
    How I am building my TEAM!

    This post will be of help to you if you are serious about building your team and growing your network.
    My advice would be to contact people in your business who are doing well, find out about there daily activity, If you attend events in your company talk to people ask how they were brought into the business.
    Always be asking questions of your sponsor, if your sponsor is new to the business themselves and unable to help go to there sponsor, you will eventually find someone that know the secrets to success.
    I am growing my business using many different strategies, I will list them now.
    * Dropped cards, I use small business size cards, that advertise that I am looking for anyone that needs an extra income. When I am out and about in my local area I share them with people, place them on cars, and leave them in places they will be seen. This works because you are getting the people who might not be at present be fully aware of the benefits of a passive online income.
    * Blogging, I use this FREE resource to advertise my ideas and share my opportunity, it does work but does take time, if you have time make full use of it, creating a blog online that has links to your business or other great affiliate offers is just like owning a peace of land, it can over time create a great passive income.
    *Paid and Free advertising, I do both to advertise my blog and also my opportunity, what's import here is to use tracking software to see where your leads or signups are coming from, this was a mistake i made in my early days.
    * Vehicle Signs, this is a great way to bring people into your business, and is a strategy that have been using for many years.
    You can get magnetic signs made very cheaply on Ebay.
    MY sign for example reads
    Find Out How To EARN MORE
    Great Earning Potential
    ( Hours to Suit)

    Hopefully you get the idea, make sure your sign does not mention your companies name, you want new prospects to visit your link, or phone your voicemail.

    I hope you start using some of these ideas, they all work if implement.
    Make sure as well, if you are just getting started to concentrate on activity not results, the new prospects will come if you keep focusing on activity.
    I hope this post helps and wish you success in your business.
    If you are looking for a FREE home based business and would like to potentially join my team you can request information in the link below, thanks for taking the time to read my post, here is then link.

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  • Using traffic exchanges to generate traffic is a great FREE way to get more eyes on your site, but which are the most effective, this is for most people a difficult question to answer.
    Knowing how effective these different sites are can only be measured if you are collecting data, and are aware of where you leads are coming from, this I now do so that I can then upgrade to the site that profit me best.
    Below are the sites that I use almost daily to bring me in more leads, they are are in no particular order as in my opinion are all good and should be made use of as and when time permits.
    Easthits4u Great FREE traffic site

    Traffic Adbar Great FREE traffic site

    Members Rule Great traffic site

    Click Voyager

    Leadsleap Great traffic exchange.

    Hope these sites help, start using you credits to grow your business, good luck in your business.

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  • Jan 23rd 2023 at 9:46 AM
    How I send 1000 emails DAILY FOR FREE!

    This post will be of help If like me you like getting FREE ADVERTISING.
    I am a member of Herculist this site allows members to join for FREE, anyone that joins is allowed to send 1000 emails daily to the sites members, this is great it doesn't take long and is something which I have recommended to all my network.
    I have recently decided to upgrade as I was getting positive results, as an upgraded member I can now email to over 320000 prospect everyday, this is in my opinion is great value, especially if you are someone that can discipline yourself to us this system daily.
    I hope you start using this great FREE platform to help you grow your business.
    Here is my affiliate link and good luck in your online business.

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  • Jan 23rd 2023 at 4:50 AM
    How to generate new leads OFFLINE!

    I make it a point everyday to promote and build my business using the many strategies available online, but i am also a firm believer of using the many offline strategies, if you have a free moment take the time to view my video where i explain my daily course of action which includes offline business promotion.
    If you put into practice these simple daily action you will see your team grow.
    Start using these strategies daily, hope this video helps here is the link

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  • Jan 22nd 2023 at 4:43 PM

    Are you into Crypto like me? I have for the last three years been purchasing Crypto, I have of late seen my purchased crypto go down, not being over concerned as it was purchased for my children, I am still purchasing various coins each month as it is my belief that they will go up.
    I have also recently found a platform where I can earn FREE Crypto, just by viewing advertisements, this platform is great because you can log in daily and earn FREE coins.
    This i now do daily, its simple to do and all it cost is a bit of your time.
    The payments being made are small, but some of the coins are in there early days and could in my opinion become worth a lot more over time.
    There is no guarantee that they will rise by huge amounts in the future, but one things for certain I would rather have these FREE coins than not.
    Please Check out the link and start earning your FREE Crypto, thanks for viewing my post, here is the link

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  • Jan 22nd 2023 at 4:23 PM
    How To Generate Free Business Leads!

    This post will be of help to you if you are struggling to find prospects for your business.
    Before I explain what I use to obtain leads I would first like to mention the importance of having a way of first capturing a prospects details.
    When I first started marketing my network marketing business opportunity I was making a fundamental mistake, I was driving traffic directly to my companies recruitment page, occasionally I would get someone to join my business, but the new prospects were few in number.
    Fortunately after attending a few trainings I met someone in the business that was doing well.
    He told me one strategy that I have used to this day.
    He said you need to first capture and create your own audience, this he said will enable you to build an audience for the future, this itself he told me was worth money, because it would obviously enable me to market offers in the future.
    I began using this method, I would create an interest in my company by for example using dropped cards, and people would come in to my lead capture page requesting more info, this then gave me the edge.
    If you are not capturing leads you need to do so first and then follow up with your opportunity or offer later.
    Below I will leave a link to a FREE software that I use that gives me a FREE lead Capture page, when people opt in for more information the FREE software remarkets my primary business for free, the bonus is i now have there details.
    This is a good software programme, and is one that I have no problem endorsing, I hope this helps, here the link.

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