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  • On Traffic Humanoid: We're Knocked Out Due To Texas Ice Storm Power Outage! Feb 15th-17th 2021

    Traffic Humanoid TE Member? If so that's probably the reason you are reading this wondering what happened. As you most likely have noticed Traffic Humanoid main website server is down, as is our entire webhosting company's main website and server grid. Traffic Humanoid's web hosting company is GoGVO. GoGVO and their (and ultimately OUR) servers where Traffic Humanoid script and database is installed on, are located in Texas. Right smack in the middle of the ice storm fiasco going on right now!

    While I admit I am more concerned about the thousands if not millions of Texans currently without power, and in the case of electric only housing situations, without heat, in freezing temperatures right now. As of this morning the first deaths have been reported as a result of the storm and lack of power My heart goes out to Texas right now and the affected families.

    However, as an online advertising business owner, I am also concerned by a couple of serious blatantly obvious problems with GoGVO (our web hosting company) right now, and the actual state of everyone's data on those now cold servers. Taking into consideration that, while yes other web servers/websites on those servers owned by other web hosting companies located in Texas that were affected by the power outage ALSO went down for a few hours, they came back online rather quickly due to the fact those companies have, and got going their generators strong enough to keep website servers powered and online. This despite the fact the entire power grid is down in a good chunk of Texas right now.

    What About GoGVO? Their servers ARE STILL DOWN, including their main website, as well as us at Traffic Humanoid and everyone else hosted with them, and have been so since the storm 3 DAYS AGO! This tells me 2 things. First there have been public comments from people who supposedly are GVO staff saying they are working to fix the problem and have limited generators. Limited being the key word. This tells me they DO NOT have basic server power grade generators as a back up in the first place. They probably have dinky house generators to keep their own computers and main company stuff powered on allowing them to work on (supposedly) fixing the problem. My question is this: WHY THE HELL DO THEY NOT HAVE SERVER GRADE GENERATORS! Or if they do, they reserved them for everyone but their own hosting clients. Second, even before this whenever I would contact their staff for help with some error that came up, usually no one knew what was going on and LFMTE had to explain to their staff on NUMEROUS occasions to keep certain flags and settings (That should not be on for a live server anyway) off otherwise it interferes with the script. Pretty much every LFMTE update I would have to go back and forth with GVO staff to turn OFF these things that according to LFMTE should not even be on, IF the GVO staff knew what they were even doing. This on top of feeling like I'm talking to a toddler on GVO staff in terms of getting problems fixed on many an occasion, ON TOP OF THE SERVES BEING OUT, I take this whole situation as a sign from God/Universe/Website Traffic Online Advertising Gods/Whatever to get Traffic Humanoid the hell OFF GVO asap. I have been less than thrilled with their hosting service and Joel (ceo of GoGVO. Seriously you can't miss him, his mug shot is on every page of the website when its online) that $1 trial of their "more advanced" marketing tools I just signed up for and was going to integrate with Traffic Humanoid and pay 25 a month after the trial, no thank you!

    You can also hang your limited 50 emails out an hour. Traffic Humanoid will not be throttled down to fit into your limited BS rules any longer either.

    What's Coming: I can't get access to download a copy of the most recent database that was last live on the site before the power outage until GVO gets their act together and gets back online. As soon as its back online, and assuming their staff was smart enough to do cold storage backups and their entire server isn't fried, and the site comes back online and the backup is relatively recent to where it was, I am grabbing that copy and leaving! I am going to be moving the site to a Dedicated and Preferably CLOUD Server (we were on Shared, good old fashioned hard server, which is part of the problem with confirmation emails and pass resets not always getting to members), and it's going to be on ANOTHER hosting company. I may move right to the actual LFMTE hosting servers that are designed for LFMTE exchanges and thus, staff already know what they are doing in terms of server requirements. I have a couple other hosting ideas, but feel free to let me know what they are if you have them. The other thing I can do is take my backups of the site I have and just go today and ditch GVO before they get their act together if ever, which could be a week at this rate. A dedicated server like this isn't cheap, but it's a necessary change that has to happen.

    To get further updates check our Patreon page as i'll post things there on a public/free posting. Subscribe for $1 a month to get email notifications of updates as well as our live chat server and more. I will be moving ALL upgrades to Patreon when we get back online one way or another. Also taking the opportunity to clean up and change things that still need to be done. For the next 30 days anyone who subscribes as a a paid Patreon, that money will be going towards a much better dedicated server and getting us back online faster. Also anyone who ISN'T a Lifetime Infinite Being upgraded member (before the server blowout) and becomes a paid subscriber will be upgraded for LIFE when the site comes back online/moved elsewhere. Thats a $1 lifetime upgrade.



    That's all for now. back to interviewing potential new web hosting companies. Ill update you on Patreon about the site coming back/move/etc so stay tuned.

    -Jacqueline Mart
    Traffic Humanoid Admin.

    Ps.... Now I'm Gonna Go Shoot Some Food In The Hungry For Hits surf :hunt:

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  • While Traffic Humanoid focuses on being what it is (a manual traffic exchange) there are a few secret ways to make money with it.

    While the site DOES have a commissions balance, it does not work the same way a traditional balance does on most sites.

    While it is the same in the sense you can earn cash by playing the VTG game, surfing the daily minimum with Active Surfer Rewards (between $0.50 - $6 depending on how many sites you surfed in a 24 hour period), be on the winning surf team
    each week in the weekly surf team prize, and various other little places here and there by being ACTIVE, there are more unconventional ways as well!

    For example you do not get paid direct from me (the Admin) on what your balance is to your chosen payment method. This usually freaks out most people (understandably) at first glance but I assure you there is a method to my madness! INSTEAD you can get paid for that balance by doing the following...

    FIRST MONEY MAKING METHOD: Offer to sell your balance (or credits) to other members in the Traderoom.

    In the chatroom (found while surfing ads) is a second room just for trade deals. Simply state you have xyz amount of money on your account and that you want to sell it. State what your payment methods are (I suggest having several) and what your account username is so an interested party can contact you via Private Message onsite. You just take it from there. Depending on the direction of the product you are selling you may have to send in a support ticket.

    For Example: Lets say you have $100 cash balance and you want to sell it for real cash in your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. You post that on the Traderoom and state you want to be paid by Bitcoin or PayPal and your username. Someone sends you a message and you chat with them until you come to an agreement and they send you $100 by PayPal. In THIS case since its a CASH balance you will have to contact support to let me the Admin know about the transaction and WHO to transfer the $100 cash balance to. I will remove it from your account and put it on theirs.

    If you have CREDITS to sell from surfing ads that you want to sell it works the same way as above with one exception. If the buyer is in your downline you can transfer the credits yourself to the buyer after they have paid directly in the PM page. IF NOT, you will have to send in a support ticket and let me know who to transfer the credits to. I SUGGEST waiting until you have at least 10,000 ($10) worth of credits before selling but it is up to you.

    Why Is This Beneficial To Anyone? There are 2 types of people in the traffic exchange industry. TYPE A: Is an advertiser looking for a place to promote the product or service they already have and (usually) don't need money and are willing to pay for advertising. These people usually don't have the time to surf thus is why they just buy credits or an upgrade that does it for them, or they surf for fun. TYPE B: The other type of person being someone who is looking for ways to make money online AND/OR need to promote a product or service they are an affiliate of but don't YET have the money to afford to buy it, thus they surf ads to earn free advertising.

    So assuming you are a TYPE B member, selling your cash balance that you earned from site use (and you can earn one for free by surfing and playing games everyday) and/or earned credits to a TYPE A (advertiser) member brings YOU THE CASH you need, and provides advertisers the advertising they need. It also proves the site is active with real people who are looking at their ads.

    As an Advertiser (Type A) when you buy credits you obviously know what to do with them. But when you buy an account balance from another member this allows you to have money on your account that you can later use to purchase credits or advertising directly from the site and get instant to almost instant access to said ads in the future when you are ready to advertise. While you can't use your balance to purchase the upgrade, you can use it to buy pretty much everything else on the site.

    Second Money Making Method: Be an Infinite Being (upgraded member) and Sell One Time Offers and credits or any other advertising that members in your downline purchase from the site.... with a twist. YOU get paid 100% of the cost straight to your PayPal account instantly after purchase! This option is good for people who are good and promoting and building huge downlines. I have a couple of One Time Offers that sell credits,banners, and text ads with the main one being 1 Million Credits/Banners/Texts for one time $100. When someone joins Traffic Humanoid through you and they buy that package via PayPal, YOU get 100% Of that Payment, NOT ME! Straight to your PayPal instantly. If the member declines that offer there is a smaller $10 offer right after it for people who don't have much money. You again get paid 100-% Of that ad as long as they pay through PayPal. (I will be adding other payment methods as I can).

    Not a Traffic Humanoid Member Yet? Join Free Below!


    -Jacqueline Mart

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  • Oct 26th 2019 at 5:59 AM
    Traffic Humanoid Now Accepts ORU!

    Hi Guys, so I have a funny story to tell...

    Ok not really but I will tell you about it anyway. So a few months ago I (finally) realized I have a BLOG over here at Hungry. And have since been wondering what exactly to write in said blog.

    Well... I have news about a change over on Traffic Humanoid and figured... why not? Lets post it HERE!


    The Traffic Humanoid Traffic Exchange now accepts ORU as a payment method!

    You can find full payment instructions at the url below:


    Or you can click the blue ORU button directly from the site while checking out and you will be taken to that same page.

    Best Of All: ORU is only $5.95 a month! And they have REMOVED the $25-whatever-it-was activation fee.

    Before you balk at having to pay $5.95 a month for your membership keep the following in mind...

    TRUTH: How much have you paid PAYPAL per transaction over the years? Think about it? I guarantee its WELL OVER a measly $5.95 a month. Other than this monthly cost ORU charges NO FEES EVER for incoming or outgoing payments! Keep 100% Of your money!

    I had planned on joining ORU for quite awhile now. What changed? Well I was surfing here at Hungry the other day as I had not been over here in awhile (trying to mentally prepare myself for the task of maybe fixing our default state sort - of working-and-has-boring-smileys-because-I-basically-did-the-digital-equivalent-of-duct-tape CHATBOX) when I saw an ad for ORU in the surfbar.

    After a failed shoot-down of all my favorite flying foods across my screen from being SERIOUSLY OUT OF PRACTICE, (might have to switch to the rifle for awhile as either me or the shotgun is too slow. Probably me though) I almost passed it and onto the next site when I saw the words:
    "They REMOVED the one time set up fee! "

    Even more awesome the ad was by someone who is also a Traffic Humanoid member! YAY!

    Lets just say the rest is history and any plans on fixing the chatbox that day went right out the window. That was it, I signed up for ORU right then and there and now its officially available for use o Traffic Humanoid as a payment option!

    And.... now I am kicking myself for not having joined SOONER despite the former activation fee! (Ok in truth there IS a fee, but its all of one measly little cent. That's $0.01! Hows that for an activation fee!)

    Also you can get a debit card mailed to you that you can use to withdraw your earnings from straight from your ORU account.

    How is that for awesome?

    Anywhoo you can find full details and even sign up at the url below.


    If you would like to purchase advertising and upgrades over on Traffic Humanoid the username to ORU pay to is:

    "traffichumanoid" (without quotes)

    IN OTHER NEWS: I also applied for a Authorize.net account as LFMTE just added a mod that removed the "Payza" slot and puts Authorize.net in there. Authorize is a credit and debit card processor. Its currently in test mode and does not work. It will take a few days for my account to be approved (or not?) but when it is and I take the button off test mode lets just say this...

    Your credit and debit card purchases will be automatically credited to your account after successful payment!

    Gone will be the days of waiting for me to manually credit your purchase! (And less of a workload for me, yay!)

    Anyway that's all! Have a great day!

    -Jacqueline Mart CFMW
    Traffic Humanoid Admin

    ps.... not a member yet of either my site (above) or Hungry For HIts? What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! I don't bite! (hard...)

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