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  • Jun 21st 2021 at 5:04 PM
    DoFollow vs NoFollow links.

    Dofollow and Nofollow links are another concept of link building

    They are used to create reputation by linking your website to another website with more traffic. This way you can improve your website rank in SERP. By default all links are dofollow as there is no need to define it within the anchor tag but some website requires approval from moderators to backlink.

    'a href="#" rel="dofollow">text /a'

    Dofollow Link

    when you want to link a website that ranks lower than yours then Nofollow property can be used.

    I have used nofollow link to one of my posts here in Hungryforhits to show it only as an example and i want you to click the link and join :)

    Nofollow Link

    Use these links in blogs to refer a website for explanations.

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  • Set 404 page not found or 301 Redirect page for permanently moved pages

    YuppieHits! You Don't believe? Join and surf to experience.


    1. Increased Surf Ratio for free members.

    2. Play Food Game.

    3. Balloon pop prize for every 15 pages.

    4. Get your Groats and exchange them for Ad credits.

    5. Free members earn 30% commission for all purchases.

    6. Team surfing and Downline Builder.



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  • Apr 27th 2021 at 2:04 PM
    Internal links vs External links:

    Internal links help an user to navigate within the website and the external link helps the user as well as the performance of the website. Both links are used to rank higher in SERP.

    This way of creating links is called link building, which is one of the techniques to improve website performance and to gain credibility.

    The purpose of the internal links is to make the user spend more time on the website and to know more about the product or services it offers. However, External links take the user to other reputable websites.

    Click the hyperlinks to test :)

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  • Optimization plays a key role to rank your website higher in major search engines like Google, Bing etc. It helps you to brand your website through organic traffic. It is a good practise to give first preference to organic traffic than to a paid one because it helps you to analyse when to go for a paid one.

    Apart from creating an attractive banner or a featured blog image it is equally necessary to optimize it. That can be achieved through image attribute like alt and also by naming the image with related keywords.

    Setting the width(100%) and height(auto) properties of an image will make it as a mobile-responsive image.

    Mobile responsiveness is also one of the factors to rank higher in search engines.

    A broken image with no alt attribute leaves a viewer with no clue about the image. But with alt attribute filled with related keyword or name of the website helps a viewer to identify the content it offers even if the image is broken as your alt="keyword or name" is displayed after the broken image.

    what i said above is only a brief info about image optimization. There are more ways to use your image properly in your website or blog.

    img src="https://harvesttraffic.com/getimg.php?id=1" alt="Harvest Traffic Coop banner"

    Can you see the alt name above?

    Harvest Traffic Coop banner

    This will be more useful when you write any blogs with more images :) Placing related keywords in alt and name of the image is simple but an effective technique .

    Make sure to click the above banner to join :)

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  • Use LeadsLeap optin form in SoloAdvertiser.

    Collect 5 solo ads and 20k Ad views for free!

    Track your Ad views and grow your list!
    Follow up your leads with LeadsLeap Autoresponder!

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  • Dec 27th 2020 at 5:32 PM

    My First blog :) I remember Join-Promote-Earn was the title of my first Splashpage that i made few years ago. I used a simple Html coding to create it and it took a long time to finish it :). I was sceptical about the response from viewers. I was a newbie so i didn't understand the importance of the title that much at that time.

    Recently i read a free report from one of our renowned Te owner and it contains few ideas that were not agreeable by many Traffic exchange owners. Always take the positive things and ignore the negativity. After reading that report it reminded me of my first Splashpage. I received some referrals from that page too :)

    This is how i relate that report to my title.
    Join- as a free member. Surf for Credits and the credit-ratio of the website makes a win-win situation for both user and owner.

    Promote - Track your website, Brand your website, generate leads and use a tool like autoresponder to follow up your leads.

    Earn - New launch of a website ?Mail your list and succeed in your goals. Hard work pays off ;)

    This may be useful for newbies who are still searching for an idea like how to succeed in Traffic exchanges.

    Join - Promote - Earn.

    I have added a similar such splashpage below. TE's mentioned in it have updated their website so you wont find those contents related to current time.


    Good Luck!!!

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Internal links vs External links:
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