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I am Commander of an American Legion Post in NJ. When I get time I love collecting things, from cards to coins. You can find me around the surfing community.
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  • Jan 22nd 2024 at 7:25 PM
    Team Rising Phoenix Family

    3 Minutes is All You Need

    Can you watch a 3 minute video? CLICK HERE!

    Just so you know, there are 3 join options. Everyone starts free. I am promoting being an Affiliate for 20 bucks. 🙂

    To join go to and click on Become a Member.

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  • I formed The TSG Super Team to take advantage of perfect placement in yet another up and coming business. My Team LiveGood Together got noticed, so I was invited by the Owner of The Supplement Grid, to check out his new business.
    Right away I loved the Payplan. It is unique, and you do have to make an autoship purchase of any of their product line. They have a nice selection and will be constantly adding more.
    They use a 5x5 Grid matrix which pays you anytime someone below you sells or buys a product. It is put in your commissions right away and you can see your commissions grow in real time in the back office.
    Now, to get in the Grid Matrix, all you do is keep your autoship current. The Cost to join will be up to you, between $30-$105, and you can change that order anytime if you'd like to try different things.
    The TSG Super Team uses the Next in Line for referrals, until you reach 5, either by your own efforts or of the team's. That is because you only need 5.

    If you are in LiveGood and have not ranked up yet, I recommend you concentrate on doing that first, before looking at this.
    One more thing, The Owner says he'll will hold Zoom calls just for our team, and is available in our Facebook Group

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  • New Company that is here to help everyone make a lot of money, by starting with Only $10 One-Time!
    This $10 can turn into over $7000 over time. Not a get rich quick.
    This is member to member pay, so you can use Wise, Zelle, Paypal, CashApp and Bitcoin.
    Wach the video if you like to see the company's presentation.

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  • LiveGood launched in September 2022. They have a great concept, they are a shopping Club. By becoming a member and paying $9.95 a month, you get to shop their products and get the super low pricing for members. If you want to earn some money by sharing the Company with others, you can become an Affiliate for a one-time $20. You can become a part of LiveGood however you like, Affiliate, Member or just shop at regular prices.
    Another Nice thing, We get paid on all new Affiliates and Members every Thursday via Direct Deposit.

    What Our Group Can Do To Help
    We have formed a tight Group of Like Minded individuals that have gotten together to help each other. Some of us have been in marketing for a long time, while a few are very new to marketing. We all have our own pages to promote, as well as each member gets a Group Page to promote. We do Next in Line for Referrals. So that is why we promote a Group Page as well.

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  • This is from my blog on Team ALFA's Website:
    If you are a new Member to our Team, this should help you explain to prospects, why they should join our Team and Wealth Step by Step.

    First, we are a part of the Biggest Team in the Company. What this means to us, is we have more of a chance at getting spillover. We are a part of the

    Early Birds Team, so we ask our members to promote their own link along with the Early Birds Team Links. As Founder of our Team, I make sure to promote our Team Website as well.

    After you tell your prospect about Wealth Step by Step and how simple it is to earn, If they are ready to join, give them your link to join. If they need just a little more encouragement, send them to our Team website. Make sure if you are sending someone personally to the Team website, that you tell them to put your name in the contact form, so I give them your link. We also have a Team Forum, which also gets some traffic off and on, with a chat if anyone in there has questions. Link to the forum is located on the Front Page of our Team Website.

    Benefits of joining our Team are as follows.

    We have Team Chats + Members only Team Facebook Group, where you can go to get updates, ask questions and get promotion ideas from me.

    We have 2 Public Pages, where someone that is searching for work at home, can land and they send people to either our rotator or our team page.

    We have our Team Rotator, where anyone that signs up to any Team Member, will get placed into. Also, since we are in Early Birds, we can be placed into their rotator as well as our other 2 Upline's rotators. So, total of 4 rotators, which will help your page get seen my extra eyes.

    The Best Feature of Our Team, I believe, is that we use the Next in Line list.

    The Next in Line list can be found in our Forum. Everyone that comes to the team, whether through the Forum, rotator, website or personally referred get placed in the rotator. The goal of the NIL is to get everyone at least paid members. It goes like this:

    Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4

    Example: We have 4 people in the list. We get a sign up from forum Name 1, gets the personal signup, the person that just joined goes to List as Name 5. Next person, same thing so on and so on. In the Forum, it shows the List and who has received referrals.

    Now, while waiting on their turn, Name 3 gets a referral from the rotator. It gets noted. Then when Name 3's turn comes up they still get their referral. Once you receive 3 from the team, you are done on the list, but will continue on our Team Rotator!

    Make sure when you are explaining Wealth Step by Step, that you be clear that this is not a get rich quick opportunity, but if you really work hard getting the word out, you can be in profit quickly and from there it will only grow! If you are on Facebook, be sure to ask to be in our Team Chat, I monitor it regularly.

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Jan 22nd 2024 at 7:25 PM
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