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  • Apr 21st 2022 at 5:18 AM
    Gambling On Success

    Well time for a new post, posted, originally on yesterday. Probably going to have to give some thought on how to display a table in here, as it's not the best, but we work with what we got. :)

    Hi to one and all.

    I've been tring to decide what my first betting based post should be about, even had a few ideas almost fleshed out but not quite ready to take the plunge with. Then the Baseball season started and I found inspiration...

    The team I follow are San Francisco Giants (the whys and wherefores I'll will leave for another post on the sportstalk community), admittedly from afar as I'm from the UK, but not so far away that that i can't keep up to date with the team's progress via the internet.

    So, here goes my idea...

    I'm going to bet the run-line on (almost) every game the Giants play this season. In addition i'm taking the Giants at -1.5 in every game, i.e I'm putting the Giants as favourite to win the game, and win it by at least 2 runs. Yes, even when the Bookies i use have the opposition involved at -1.5 (they actually give me the option to take other runline outcomes so i should get my choice on every game). My stake starts fairly small @ 10 pence a bet, which hopefully i can increase if results go my way, and given the odds i've been getting so far a winning bet will return slightly over double my stake.

    As of this morning (10:00am 20/4/2022 UK time) my results are,
    Opponent Result Bet Bet Result P/L Team Record Comments
    v Marlins W 6-5 0.10 @31/20 L -0.10 1-0
    v Marlins L 1-2 0.10 @29/20 L -0.20 1-1
    v Marlins W 3-2 0.10 @31/20 L -0.30 2-1
    v Padres L 2-4 0.10 @11/8 L -0.40 2-2
    v Padres W 13-2 0.10 @31/20 L -0.50 3-2 Took the Padres @ -1.5
    v Padres W 2-1 0.10 L -0.60 4-2
    v Guardians W 4-1 No Bet Placed -0.60 5-2
    v Guardians W 4-2 0.10 @29/20 W 0.24 -0.46 6-2
    v Guardians W 8-1 0.10 @13/10 W 0.23 -0.33 7-2
    v Mets L 5-4 0.10 @2/1 L -0.43 7-3
    v Mets L 3-1 No Bet Placed L -0.43 7-4

    So after 11 games i'm down a small amount, but it is early days. Oddly, the one time i actually followed the bookies and went against my Giants taking the Padres @ -1.5 the Giants totally smashed them 13-2. Should have stuck to my instincts on that one 😆.

    And there we have my first betting post, which I hope to be a weekly(ish) post now that i'm up and running, especially as the games come thick and fast throughout the season.

    Hoping you all have good fortune in whatever your chosen betting endeavours.

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