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  • Jul 7th 2023 at 1:21 PM
    Bull Vertigo

    Bull Vertigo is the main site of the BVT ecosystem!

    We look through 20 NRG ad pages a day and for that we get BVT coins for free at the end of the week. Later we can either sell them and get profit or buy ads on some ecosystem BVT sites, which by this moment already have more than 10 pieces! Later it will be possible to buy ads on all the sites of BVT ecosystem for BVT coins!

    Spend less time Marketing And More Time Earning Money simply by utilizing this brand new web traffic Advertising Platform that allows you to show your Ads to thousands of people with a single click of the Mouse. And to get off on the right foot with us your First Advertising Package is FREE! But there is more.. Each BULLVERTIGO Advertising Package Purchase is a One Time Purchase and for each Package you get LIFETIME recurring Advertising added to your account.

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