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I love Playing guitar and marketing. I like to code and create ads, surfing and connecting with others whom love to market their programs and businesses. I have a site Called Bi-Polar Marketing that is a blog. I have site I am developing and hope to launch in Jan.2019
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    Million Mile Secrets Wants Their Link On My Site


    Million Mile Secrets reached out to me around 15 days ago wanting me to consider adding a link for their site for a post they did about using bitcoin to pay for your travel expenses.
    Rather than edit my existing post, I decided to write a little review and since their content was really well written and was bitcoin related....I gave them a link in my side bar!
    They did a great job listing the reasons that it could be advantageous to use bitcoin, they also did a great job listing the con's.
    For me when a publication gets a hold of little ol' me wanting to link to my is very flattering and rewarding. It makes me feel as though I am getting something right.
    So the least I can do is offer them a review. If it is really well written and fits into the demographic I am trying to relate too, then yes I will include a link that stands out on every page.
    I have had several sites in the past....but this year has had to be one of the best years!! This is the 3rd major publication(site), to reach out to me since July wanting to link up with me because of one of my post!!

    Very Cool!!!
    I just had to share!!
    Any Ways Peace and Love To Yas!!
    Have A Great Day!!

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