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Getting logged out

If you can log in but get logged out when you click anything in the member area, clear your browser's cache and cookies, then restart the browser and it will be fixed.

If you are able to log in to navigate through the member area and surf, but experience you are being logged out immediately when you click a surf icon while viewing ads, it is most likely due to temporary internet lag. The traffic exchange script has a feature where it logs you out if the system thinks you are clicking before your timer is up.

The surf icons only appear after the surf timer is up, so technically it isn't possible to do that. However, if there is any lag (anywhere from your router, internet service provider or to our server), the system might not yet have gotten the signal that your surf timer is up yet, and it will log you out if you click.

There are a couple of things you can do, the first is to clear your cache and restart both your computer and your router. Also, don't click the surf icons before all of them have loaded, or click a bit more slowly to see if that helps during temporary lag.

Please note that temporary internet lag isn't necessarily affecting all the sites you are surfing. It may just affect one of them, as some sites may be cached and others aren’t. It could also be that your computer's resources go towards opening a heavy loading ad in surf in one traffic exchange, and logs you out from there if you click too soon.

If the issue is only with Hungry For Hits' server, it is the same for all surfers, not individual members. We monitor this value around the clock. If there is no local temporary lag from your own system or your internet service provider, please contact support and let us know what happened with the surfbar icons during the time you were getting logged out.

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