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Top surfer contest

Hungry For Hits offer a top surfer contest every single day. If you are one of the top ten surfers of the day, you will win a prize. The contest ends at server reset every day (Midnight EST, New York, USA). You can always see the current standings, daily stats and previous winners on the Top Surfers page under the Games menu.

You can also see your current ranking while you are surfing, in the bottom right corner of the window. It will say your current rank and how many pageviews you are from passing the next person.

If you click that image when you are surfing, you will be taken to the Top Surers page. There are 10 prizes in the daily Top Surfer contest, and the prizes are automatically awarded every day:

1. $0.05
2. $0.04
3. $0.03
4. $0.02
5. $0.01
6. 100 credits
7. 80 credits
8. 60 credits
9. 40 credits
10. 20 credits

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