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  • Nov 16th 2018 at 12:29 AM
    May I Have Your Attention, Please!

    Over the last few months, you may have been invited to become an Early Bird Founder or you may have seen the posts of our many Founders, encouraging you to become an Early Bird Founder in what promises to be a real life changer, financially. But for whatever reason, you have not become one yet. Believe me, we are not trying to recruit you, as recruiting implies an on-going process, not only for us but for you, as well… and this is just simply not the case here, as you are running out of time.

    What we are wanting to share with you now, will come to an end and we are simply inviting you on this great adventure while you still have time. Why “Early Bird?” This adventure we are sharing with our family and friends will give them a HUGE advantage, prior to a worldwide launch. After all, it is the “Early Bird” that catches the worm and in this instance, our Early Bird Founders can possibly be financially set for life. Just prior to our worldwide launch, the “Early Bird” Founder position will become a thing of the past, along with its many exclusive benefits and privileges, forever reserved for those who took the chance to make a better life for themselves and their families.

    Are You Paying Attention?
    If you know me, then you know that I don’t do hype! If I have to hype you up, in order for you to take a chance on the best thing to come along, since… EVER… then this may not be for you. If the simple truth is not enough for you, then this may not be for you. However, I will admit that it saddens me that not everyone will see the vision for the massive change we are about to bring to the Internet, yet, this is something that everyone can benefit from.

    Ultimately, still, there will only be a select few who will be brave enough to step into a bright new future, leave all of their past online disappointments behind them and have the courage to create the financial security they deserve. Earlier, I chose to use the word “Adventure” because that is exactly what this will be… an adventure to a greater life, one filled with possibilities, one filled with the answers to your dreams as this adventure can eliminate your financial worries, for good!

    This will truly be a “No Recruiting” adventure; a “No Selling” adventure; and a “No Explaining” adventure once we launch this to the world. But for now, we are inviting the last remaining few who will be fortunate enough and wise enough to see the vision and become an Early Bird Founder… and let me tell you why!

    If you had a friend or family member who was willing to spend a great deal of money for something, with no guarantees of getting what they think they are paying for and no guarantees of getting anything, at all… not even their money back and you knew where they could get the best quality at a much lower cost, with a lifetime money back guarantee… would you share it with them? Of course you would and that is exactly what we are doing now.

    As Early Bird Founders, we already know the value of what we will be offering, but you don’t. And that is why we are sharing this with you because once you become an Early Bird Founder, you will know as much as we do and you will see WHY we are sharing this with you now! Very soon, our posts about becoming an Early Bird Founder in this wonderful adventure will disappear because the time for you to take advantage of what we are sharing will be gone. So, while we still have an opportunity to make someone’s life better, this is what we will do. But it is up to you to want better!

    We are sharing this opportunity with people worldwide and for the first time, most of them will know what it is like to live their dreams. To be able to give back to others from an ever-flowing full cup. You have heard the saying, “You can’t give what you don’t have” well now we are giving you the opportunity to fill your cup so that you can not only help yourself but help others, as you go along. We have new Early Bird Founders joining with us every day and each day when a person becomes a new Founder and they learn more of the details for themselves, they ultimately want to share this exciting adventure with their family and friends, not to recruit them, but to secure the financial future of those they care about and to give them the gift they themselves have been given.

    And what better gift can you give a family than to know that their financial future is secure because of what we are sharing. We will be affecting lives all around the world in a positive and welcoming way. But at some point, we will have to stop sharing this and prepare for our worldwide launch. So, do yourself a favor, learn more about what we are going to accomplish and get ready to set yourself apart!

    Ultimately, once we launch this to the world, you will see that our invitation to you to become an Early Bird Founder was not for us… but it was for you, all along. We are already Founders with a bright and promising financial future and we want to help as many people as we can, while we can, prepare for a better financial future.

    Are you ready to experience what it feels like to have an abundance of income, passively and residually… for generations to come? Don’t let time to slip away from you… request more information now or visit
    and be prepared to make 2020 your BEST year yet!

    To Your Wealth,

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