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  • Apr 29th 2022 at 1:15 PM
    Are You Offering the Best Hamburger?

    It is a competitive world out there and affiliate
    marketing is no different.

    If you owned a burger stand, you would want
    to have the best recipe, the cleanest, best
    looking burger stand, really outstanding
    customer service and the best price for your
    burger. What does this mean?

    It simply means that, if you want your
    burger stand to be successful, you have
    to stand out. You have to provide
    the best value. It is the only way you're
    going to sell your burgers to customers.
    After all, there's another burger stand on
    the next block so how do people choose
    between the two? Why would they come
    to your burger stand? Well, the answer is
    pretty obvious isn't it? People will go
    where they get the best value. In fact,
    people might even be prepared to pay
    more for your burger if all those other
    factors I mentioned above are superior
    to those offered by the burger stand on
    the next block.

    If you're an affiliate marketer, how do
    you offer better value? After all, your
    HFH banner looks exactly the same as
    those posted by many hundreds of
    others who are promoting Hungry for
    Hits! If you had your HFH banner posted
    on a traffic exchange, for example, why
    would someone click on it? They're
    everywhere aren't they! I think you can
    see that, if you are just posting your
    splash pages, banners, text ads, safelist
    emails etc etc etc. doing so really isn't
    getting you too far.

    So how you do you separate yourself
    from all of the many thousands of other
    affiliate marketers out there who have
    their ads all over TE's, Safelists, Social
    Media, free classifieds and so on? Well,
    the answer is that you can't....unless......
    you find a way to offer more value than
    the all of the other affiliate marketers out
    there. This is how you stand out.

    So, what if you could offer something to other
    marketers, something that no one else has
    that would make it easier for those other
    marketers to succeed? I have heard people
    suggest that you could, for example, blog
    about something you really love doing, a
    hobby for example. In that way, you could
    offer others who are interested in the same
    hobby tips on ways to get more enjoyment
    out of the hobby, or information on places
    where they could get better or less expensive
    materials for their hobby. But then people
    object by saying 'oh i'm no good at writing.
    I can never think of what to say. Or, I'm a
    horrible speller I could never do a blog'.

    Well, what if there was a way to have a blog
    done for of charge...that you could
    post? In that free blog post that you now
    have in your possession, you could insert
    your links and banners and, people that
    are interested in that hobby might be
    interested in what is contained in your
    blog post. And, when they read your
    post, they will see your banners, links etc.
    Now that they know you as someone with
    a similar interest, that person might be
    inclined to buy your product or join you
    in your business! Now imagine what might
    happen if someone, for free, offers to
    write your blog posts for you that talk
    about your hobby. Can you see how,
    having such an asset would separate
    you from the crowd? You now have a
    done-for-you blog that you can post.
    And, in your blog posts, you insert links
    to the programs you are promoting!

    But you say, but Grant, that's not realistic.
    No one is going to do that for me for free!
    Well, I have great news for you. That is
    precisely what I have done.

    I have created email series, a few of them
    in fact, that you can get...absolutely free!
    You can customize them as you wish. In
    fact, one series contains almost 40 email
    follow-up letters! I am adding to that series
    all the time, constantly improving the ad
    copy. So Grant, you ask, why would you
    do that? Well, it's my way of offering value.
    But, more importantly, you can offer the
    very same email series to your team and
    to your prospects! So you, in turn, can
    offer this value to others. Note that I have
    email series that promotes CTFO, Wealthy
    Affiliate, TrafficWave, AIOP, Clickbank products
    and more. I am willing to share all of this with
    you if you promote any of those platforms.
    Join my team and I will help you edit your
    content even if I don't promote the program
    you are involved in! In short, I am here to help
    you succeed!

    Find out how you can offer this incredible
    value to others. Simply click on the following
    link and I am pretty confident that you will
    very quickly see how these 'done-for-you'
    email series are going to make a huge
    difference for you.

    It really means that much of your marketing
    is now automated. Your marketing is now
    on complete autopilot. This is, essentially,
    what you can offer to others. It is a huge
    'lead magnet' that will save you, and your
    team, tons of time and money. This is how
    distinguish yourself from the 1000's of
    other marketers out there. See for
    yourself. Here's the link. Just copy and
    paste into your address bar.

    To Your Limitless Success,
    Grant Rayner

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