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Commando surfing

When you surf, view ads to earn credits, you will notice a little text in the topbar that says "% Commando bonus" and a red check mark. Every day, you will get bonus credits with each click, if you activate Commando Surfing. To do this, you need an account at TE Command Post, Traffic Era and Traffic Splash.

Traffic Splash and Traffic Era are the hosts and core sites of this event, and they have invited a select few traffic exchanges to also be able to offer this bonus. However, the bonus in Hungry For Hits is only available to those who also surf in Traffic Splash and Traffic Era at te same time. To set up Commando surfing, you need to follow these steps.

TE Command Post

1. Enter your referral ID number for Hungry For Hits in the referral builder in TE Command Post, listed as "Traffic Exchanges". Your referral ID number can be found on the Promo tools page under the Promote menu in Hungry For Hits, it's the number at the end of your main affiliate link.

2. Also enter your referral IDs from Traffic Era and Traffic Splash in the referral builder of TE Command Post.

3. Surf in Traffic Era and Traffic Splash. The first time you do this, you have to click the text that says "% Commando bonus" to sync your referral IDs, and after that it will be automatic.

4. From there on, surfing the two core sites activates the Commando Surfing bonus automatically. It may take up to 2 minutes for the bonus to be activated, but usually less. When you add a new site to your Commando Surfing, such as Hungry For Hits, you have to click the bonus % message in that site the first time you use it. From there on it will start automatically every time in the future.

In Hungry For Hits, once the red check mark changes to green, you are surfing with the Commando bonus. You have to continue surfing the two core sites for the Commando Surf bonus to remain active in Hungry For Hits.

Since this event is not hosted by Hungry For Hits, please check the information provided by TE Command Post here for more details and contact them if you need further help. To see where you can find the best sites and highest surf bonuses each day, visit this page. The page is updated daily a few hours after reset, so if you're an early bird you may see yesterday's sites. However, you can always see in the top surfbar of each site how big the bonus is.

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