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I love Playing guitar and marketing. I like to code and create ads, surfing and connecting with others whom love to market their programs and businesses. I have a site Called Bi-Polar Marketing that is a blog. I have site I am developing and hope to launch in Jan.2019
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  • Feb 18th 2019 at 7:53 AM
    Viral Robot Mailer

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    There's a great new mailer in town

    Hello everyone and Happy Monday!!
    With all the mailers that are out there to choose from, I have to say that Viral Robot Mailer is one of the best out there right now.
    James Manning is the owner.
    He launched in late 2018 (Oct.), he's is running a referral contest to 500. This contest is getting close to ending. The top 5 refers will win part of $65 in cash prizes and tons of advertising.
    This mailer is currently producing 4-5% ctr every mailing I send.
    He offers:

    • tracking

    • banner and text ads

    • Log In Ads

    • Downline Builder

    • Personalized splash pages and banners

    • And Tons More in the Affiliate Tool Box

    The OTO's are very cheap too!!

    So come and join me today and start your week off right-----send e-mail ads you know are going to be read!! Plus get a chance to earn some money and advertising too!!!


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  • Feb 13th 2019 at 12:08 PM
    What a week it's been!!

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Lifetime Hosting Sucks!!!!

    Hello everyone!! I hope your week is going great!!

    I have spent the last week trying to get Bi-Polar Marketing Back Up, all while working on my new sites trying to get them where they need to be so I can Launch them.

    On 2-8, some ass hat of a marketer/hacker was able to get into my server and upload a couple of files. They were phishing programs. Not good at all.

    I host BPM on Lifetime hosting. I got it back in 2017 through a site owner that is no longer around, John Novak.

    Well, long story short BPM was being protected by a plug-in that Lifetime recommends(Loginizer) when I got hacked. Rather then let me know of the problem without shutting down all access to my site, Lifetime suspended my BPM, including cpanel access!!

    I only found out when I tried to log-in to BPM and it came up as suspended please contact webmaster. So I tried to log into cpanel to see what is going access. I then check my emails and log into my customer portal for Lifetime.

    There is an e-mail and a message saying that they suspended me for having phishing content and that I need to correct the issue, but yet they removed all access allowing me to do so!!!! They were no longer even showing my hosting plan period!!

    BPM is back up now and is being monitored daily by Site Scanners and will continue to be. I have also changed security/firewall providers altogether.

    I highly do not recommend Lifetime Hosting!!!!

    In the 2yrs that I have had my site running on Lifetime Hosting I have been hacked 5 times, I have had to wipe out my servers and start fresh 3 times and at least once every 5-6 weeks I have to contact support because my servers ans data base are down having memory issues, storage issues..etc

    Keep in mind this hosting package is a 4gb/up to 4 domain package. I have 2 domains, and 3 sub-domains there.

    I am not new at this, I have A2 Hosting for my sites I am working on and plan to launch, no 1 issue in a yr ever!! I have had Fatcow, Bluehost,Go daddy and Host Gator in the past.
    Only ever had 1 issue, When I had a site with Host Gator kinda the same thing happened. Host Gator though handled it a better way.

    Host Gator contacted me and let me know that

    1. My security failed

    2. They gave me the exact link that was the issue.

    3. They gave me 48hrs to take care of the issue.

    4. They offered to help!!

    Lifetime Hosting offered nothing, no support(which they advertise is always available)!!I got slow customer service response(took me 3 days to just get a response with the exact issue, and they still said fix it but would not let me in!!) And right now as I am writing this post, there is a message on my dash board of my Lifetime hosting that is telling me that they have block my cpanel access due to to many log-in failures on a completely different server from the one I am assigned. I have been seeing that for weeks off and on and Yes I have let them know repeatedly with screenshots included in the support tickets that they answer usually 36+ hours later these days.

    When I go to log in to my cpanel it always gives me a warning box stating that their certificate does not match and ask me if I want to trust it anyway.....again I have made them aware of that issue and vulnerability as well....after all it's an issue on their end, plus they advertise 24/7 tech support!!(I do not believe they have any by the way, JS!!)

    Any Ways I wanted to let ya all know that Bi-Polar Marketing is back up and is safe and is being monitored daily off site as well as on. I am going to be moving it one I get 1 issue taken care of.

    BPM has been Blacklisted by McAfee, I am currently waiting on them to review and let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

    Once they have removed BPM from their blacklist I am going to move it to either namecheap or A2 Hosting( those are the 2 places I prefer), If I can't move them there or some place else then...I am going to work my butt of and recreate BPM as a different domain using a different domain extension such as .xyz or .net or even .com(A2 does have it available for 20 bucks a year with SSL for e-commerce!!).

    I have done it before, don't want to but I am done with Lifehosting!!!.

    Below is a screen shot of my results after clean-up. I am waiting on a response from McAfee but BPM is clean and protected. Whether it will be up or not when you visit that is a different story!!
    scan results for BPM
    Peace and Love To Yas!!! Please Know That I want Your visit to be safe and enjoyable....that is why I am letting you know what has happened and that is why I will be moving it to a different host as soon as possible!!

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  • Jan 31st 2019 at 9:01 AM
    Watching the heard thin out

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Hello everyone....
    It's been a heck of a start for 2019 for me. I started off the year in the E.R. for cardiac issues. I am on 4 new meds now and they make me feel very tired, I have not been getting as much done on-line as I would like to at the moment.
    I have 2 sites ready to launch except for having a payment processor that I can trust and one that everyone is willing to use in this neck of the marketing woods so to speak.
    Yesterday I was scrolling thru FB really quick and Jon Olson went live....we talked about how this part of the marketing world is hell bent against change...even as PayPal continues to shut down site after site via limiting their accounts permently. Even some folks that have only made purchases or exchanged money with those that PayPal has deemed in violation of TOS, are having their PayPal accounts limited as well.
    Klara Schmidtz has found Transwise, it is an option but for me being in the US it is another situation where I can only send money to my on-line account, and would be unable to use any funds in Transwise offline, it's the same for Solid Trust Pay.
    Mary Anne Myers(owner of 1 profit ring and many more) as set up and is using Uphold for a processor, but to be honest she has several methods in place. Uphold requires 2FA, meaning you need a smart phone and a app to log-in(like coinbase kinda).
    Dave Mosher the owner of a bunch of viral safe-list has introduced a program called "ORU", but you have to pay a $24.95 to activate, then a fee of $5.95 a month there after. Now to me that's not bad considering that PayPal has charged me fees for selling that have easily surpassed that cost.
    My issue with "ORU" is that there is not really any info out there about them to be found....therefore I can't even start to trust them, even though Dave Mosher's site was where I found them 1st and he was the one promoting it. I love his sites and the results I get..completely trust him in that way...but not when we are talking about money, I do not trust anyone.
    I ma going to launch later this spring but I have decide that it will be coinpayments and coinbase.
    Jon Olson is right...the writing is on the wall, it's a new day and I agree with him 1000% Crypto Payments is the best and most logical way forward for our affiliate marketing businesses.
    As the heard of sites thins out because of site owners refusing to adapt to a new economy being forced on us as marketers, as home business owners. My future is looking bright...someone is going to need to replace those stubborn marketers and owners....I am more than willing to be one of them!!
    Using crypto off line here in the US is a little bit of a hassle, because of how you have to move it around in order to use it in fiat form. I believe that it's just a matter of time and Bitcoin will be as easy to use off line as it is on-line. I live in Indiana and my neighboring state,Ohio, is now accepting Bitcoin for tax payments!!!
    I applaud all the site owners that are trying to be proactive by removing PayPal before it's too late. With that being said though, I have to say that even some of the processors that seem to be viable replacements for PayPal are also starting to treat folks the same as PayPal has been doing for the last 5 yrs now. But all those crypto related payment options are arms wide open to our businesses.
    They will help us eliminate all the BS charge backs and such that occur because "Joey Dumbass" believes the hype that he is being feed!!! No one gets rich on-line or off line with out a lot of hard work and branding!!!!No One!!!
    Any ways "Joey Dumbass" is another post. For now just think about it....sites and promoters are dropping like bad habits all because they are refusing to the heard thins!!

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  • Jan 8th 2019 at 11:50 AM
    Frustrated, Annoyed and Just...

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Hello ya all!!
    I hope 2019 has started off for you with a splash of greatness and success!
    I have been busy up until I ended up in the Hospital this past week, a little ticker issue but I will be alright.

    As you all know PayPal has been at it again, limiting folks accounts with no reason other than they had some suspicious account activity, or violated the terms of service agreement!!
    For me this was with out a doubt a sign that although I have sites ready to launch, they are dependent on PayPal, or solid trust pay, so I would be best not too. I also think it's bad business to do so with the current climate.
    Solid Trust Pay, for me is not an option I want to use because of my location. I can only deposit money into solid trust pay, I can't withdraw it to my brick and mortar bank.
    Then I have my accounts at coinpayments and coinbase....but there still seems to be a resistance to crypto currency payments with-in the community being hit the hardest by the corrupt Giant PayPal!!

    linkopens in new windowSimon GreenHalgh

    really breaks it down perfectly in a video that I came across on my time line on FaceBook.
    We here in this industry have become dependent on instant gratification,thus making us dependent on a payment processor like the one screwing everyone over.
    There are processors that will allow for purchases and referral commissions to be paid out much like business as usual.....but not everyone wants crypto currencies in their portfolio's.
    2 of the sites I have ready to launch are from the LFMVM and LFMTE brand of scripts. This is part of my frustration....even they got hit this past 2 weeks and yet they are still selling their scripts with options for payment processors that are limiting payments! That means that:

    1. I have to code new payment processors in, but then which one? It has to be one that allows me to accept money from all currency formats, without relying on PayPal in any way to accept USD or other fiat currencies.
    2. It has to allow me to convert my crypto currencies to fiat currencies and allow me to send payments in the form of fiat currency...all with low fees!!
    3. It has to be widely accepted...currently the only one seems to be coinpayments.

    Needless to say I have made the decision not to launch any of my sites until I can at least have coinpayments, maybe stripe but I have heard that stripe is starting to do the same as PayPal. I am also going to follow the footsteps of Maryanne Myers and set up Coinbase.
    A lot of folks seem to have the misconception that you can't use crypto currency in the real world, but that's just not true. Sure you may have to move it into a coinbase account then sell it off to get USD then send it to your bank, but at the end of the day you can still use it in the real world!!Ohio is now accepting Bitcoin for taxes for pete's sake!!! Dish Network let's you pay your bill with bitcoin!! And the list goes on....
    I am frustrated with the way PayPal is doing this community but I am even more frustrated and annoyed with how such a group of brilliant entrepreneurs refuse to see how accepting of our business that the crypto community is which will allow for instant gratification to continue.
    I can't speak for any one but my self...but I really do not want a dozen financial processors to deal with...JS

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    It's Saturday That Means It's Time To Learn From The Best

    I hope everyone is doing well this Saturday!!
    I just want remind everyone that today at 12 noon, and every Saturday for that matter, Affiliate Funnel has a weekly webinar that is packed full of marketers and site owners!!

    affiliate funnel banner

    If your struggling or lost or maybe you have some questions.....this webinar is the place to get all of those issues taken care of.
    It's a very friendly and laid back webinar, but it's also very serious advice that you gain.
    I joined way back in the summer...and I have gained and grown so much over the last 2 months because of these webinars.
    My list is growing, My Traffic Wave Team is growing and to be honest I can tell that It is easier for me to remain positive and energized to keep learning and building my brand and business!!
    So come and Join me!!
    Laterz!!! Peace and Love to yas!!!

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  • Dec 21st 2018 at 5:23 AM
    A Revamp of an old post

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    I did This A Little Over 3 Yrs Ago, but I thnink it may still help you if you use rocketresponder and are and upgraded member at :

    I am not a user of rocketresponder any more but, it is a very good service.
    You can very easily create a capture page in minutes with these 2 programs.
    I am using Traffic Wave these days, but i wanted to help those out that may not use traffic wave.

    Keep in Mind That This Is An Older Video Tutorial I Made....Tim Has Most Likely Changed Some things since.
    I truly hope it helps you though.

    Have A Great Friday!!!

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  • Dec 17th 2018 at 8:36 AM
    The Check List For The Day

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Do you have a check list of things you need or want to get done?
    I know I do....For me though it can be over whelming at times because I have put a lot on my plate intentionally.
    I have 4 sites that I am focused On. 2 are blogs and 1 is a mailer and the other a membership site.
    I push myself hard because that's the only way I know how to function. But I will admit I find myself not being able to stay focused on the task at hand. See I am Adult ADHD, plus Bi-polar Manic Depressive, So I tend to run around all day multi-tasking and working on 8-9 things all at once....oh wait I just thought of a new Idea....oh wait what was I working on, oh yeah this new blog post over here but wait I need to send out this e-mail ad oh wait....I can use this idea to help promote Traffic Wave Oh wait I forgot what I was going to do!!
    Did You get a little lost.....I do all the time. So to help me remedy that issue I went and bought a dry erase board to help me stay focused.
    I have been told by my family and friends to do so before....but I am stubborn and did not want to admit that my illnesses require me to have a checklist so I can keep my focus where it needs to be.
    The next thing I have started doing is keeping a notepad and a pen next to my computers, so that when I come up with an Idea or a to-do item, I can write it down.
    On my white board I have created a daily to-do list. It's huge but I guess I have adopted my former employers view about my work load I am placing on myself. My former employer would always start the day of with a meeting and then he would hand us out a to-do list, My best friend worked with me and was in charge of our crew, Donnie(my friend) would always get stressed out because the list would always be so big. One day My boss sat him down because he was upset that those list were so big.
    Jim( our boss) said that he made those list so big to:

    • Allow us to see what we needed to get done and in what order, that way we could keep on schedule with our customer base (we did asphalt maintenance and paving) at least somewhat, cause things do happen.

    • Next he said that as we completed the items on that big list checking them off as we went, he hoped it helped us feel good about how our day was going. His thinking was visually seeing your progress would help his workers feel like they were getting some where. Thus giving us a sense of pride for all that we had accomplished so far.

    • The last reason was to help us have a starting point for the next day. What ever we were unable to get to that day would just rollover to the next giving us a starting point, and Jim would just add on to it. This would allow us to organize our tools and equipment,as well as get ready anything we could for the job(task) we would be starting our next day off with.

    Jim told Donnie that his intention was not to over whelm us, but it was to give us direction, so then that would allow us to organize our selves and equipment the way we needed to so that we could make the best of our time each day. His intent was not for us to get 100% of it done in one day...he knew that was not possible. He also hoped that as we checked it off that we would feel good about it cause he knew the work was hard and out.
    That's how I have been running my life lately, I have too.
    My checklist allows me to stay focused more, it helps me see all I was able to get done that day and it let's me have a place to start the next day. I also include the name and e-mail of each and every team member I have on My Traffic Wave team I am building,I have the name and e-mail of every person on my list on this board as well. See that's one of my to-do's each day...I am trying to memorize at least their names so I know whom they are with out having to look it up(after all it's my job to know them).
    The take away I hope you get from this post is that putting a lot of work on yourself is good, if you start to feel over whelmed just look at your checklist of to-do's and I bet you'll feel a bit of relief from seeing all you have got done, and you'll know where you need to start as well as how to get organized for the task at hand.

    Have A Great Monday!!! Peace and Love To Yas!!!

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  • Dec 15th 2018 at 9:27 AM
    I have removed Steemit from my site

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    I just wanted to let yas all know that I will no longer be using "Steemit" yeah the Jon Olson Steemit site he is always raving about.
    I was on there yesterday and I saw a post that was about how post on a blockchain are being censored!! On a blockchain!!!
    I thought surely that's not the case.....
    I was badly mistaken, my post from here that I wrote yesterday and then shared on my Bi-polar Marketing site which shared it there 8 hrs later was removed!!! No explanation nothing nadda!!!
    A blockchain is not I repeat A blockchain is not supposed allow censorship!!!!
    I have removed my steempress plug-in for my wordpress site and I am now in power down mode by this time next month all my sttem will be converted back to ethereum or litecoin or bitcoincash but I will no longer be holding or promoting or endorsing steemit in anyway shape or form!!!
    Blockchains are not supposed to be censored, and most definitely not in this way!!

    Don't forget come join me today at Affiliate Funnel's webinar today at 12 noon!!! the link is in yesterdays post below!!!
    Peace and Love to Yas !!! Have a great Saturday!!!

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  • Dec 14th 2018 at 3:26 PM
    Come and Join Me Tomorrow

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Affiliate Funnel Webinars Rock!!!

    Hello, I hope you all have had a great week so far!!
    I wanted to invite you all to attend a webinar tomorrow at 12 noon eastern (every Saturday).
    Marci Jones-Fritz usually host.
    I have been around off and on for years, and I have saw the ads for Affiliate Funnel, I did not join until I joined the LFM group(I got my 1st script from them).
    One day I got an e-mail telling me about a webinar from the know how guys. That lead to me finally joining Affiliate Funnel.
    Listen, this is one of the best opportunities to learn from the site owners of many of the same successful sites we all use.
    Attending has helped me a lot. I am usually multi-tasking but I try to make sure that I have a window open.
    They give away prizes and you learn and get advice, questions answered!!From The site owners!!

    Hope to see yas there tomorrow!! Peace and Love To Yas!!

    Opens In New Window

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  • Dec 10th 2018 at 9:08 PM
    I am a Lurker...Are You?

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    I Am A Lurker And That's Not Good For Business

    Over the weekend I sat in on an
    Affiliate Funnel Webinar
    . The topic was about the importance of building your relationships on-line, especially in this particular community of marketers.
    For me personally, I find it challenging because I tend to get lost sending out e-mails, surfing ads or creating ads.
    I usually keep my skype on in the background....but I will be honest, I am also a freak for efficiency, so on top of getting lost in the surfing and such, a part of me can't help but think of the time I will spend trying to type out conversations that is lost along with the advertising credits.
    Marci Jones-Fritz made some really valid points during her webinar:

    • Until You Brand Your Self and Business, you need to be making connections with other like minded persons in this community so you can build trust.

    • Building relationships in this community can lead to you finding the help you need when you need it much quicker.

    • When you are building your E-mail List, do not stop at just getting them to subscribe, reach out to them let them know you are there for them, offer to help them as much as you can. Send them E-mails on the regular, what ever that maybe every week, daily, bi-weekly etc..That way they

      1. Expect your E-mails

      2. You are keeping your relationship active with them by doing so.

    • Actively communicating with others will build trust in you as a person, because you are allowing folks to get to know you.

    Do you lurk? Cause I do but that does not mean that I do not pay attention to the conversations, it just means that I need to break a bad habit and learn to communicate with folks on-line more.
    It's weird...I think any ways, that I have so much of a problem with talking to folks in the chats on-line or making sure that I am sending e-mails to my list to keep them active and build my relationships with them.
    If I were to meet each and everyone of you off line in a factory or a construction site, the truck stop etc... I would be talking your head off before long...LOL
    So befor I end this post today I would like to let yas all know that My skype is : patricksimpson652
    My facebook is : patrick.simpson.355

    And My Twitter is @ziggy2get69

    So if you too are a lurker and want to break the habit with me....let's connect and I will try my best to pretend that we are on the production line!!

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner


    Million Mile Secrets Wants Their Link On My Site


    Million Mile Secrets reached out to me around 15 days ago wanting me to consider adding a link for their site for a post they did about using bitcoin to pay for your travel expenses.
    Rather than edit my existing post, I decided to write a little review and since their content was really well written and was bitcoin related....I gave them a link in my side bar!
    They did a great job listing the reasons that it could be advantageous to use bitcoin, they also did a great job listing the con's.
    For me when a publication gets a hold of little ol' me wanting to link to my is very flattering and rewarding. It makes me feel as though I am getting something right.
    So the least I can do is offer them a review. If it is really well written and fits into the demographic I am trying to relate too, then yes I will include a link that stands out on every page.
    I have had several sites in the past....but this year has had to be one of the best years!! This is the 3rd major publication(site), to reach out to me since July wanting to link up with me because of one of my post!!

    Very Cool!!!
    I just had to share!!
    Any Ways Peace and Love To Yas!!
    Have A Great Day!!

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Let Me Pay Your 1st Month!!

    I am staring to build my Traffic Wave Downline-Team.
    To do it I will be using a system that they have put in place called "The Matrix Buster System".

    Here is my most recent promo video for it:

    So If Your Sitting On The Fence and Money Is Tight This X-Mas.....

    The Matrix Buster system works by allowing you to help your downline members to start growing their business with an extra 30 days because they can start out with the 30 day trial then you are paying for their 1st month as well!!
    Giving them a full 60 days before they have to pay out of pocket for their own!!
    Now they have to agree to do the same as well, should they want to be included on the "Fast Track Bonus".
    The Fast Track Bonus allows you to recoup your cost out of pocket faster....thus allowing you to basically break even on your 1st 3 direct referrals that you upgrade.
    Then you simply help them do the same while you find another 3....etc....


    For More Info...Just Say:


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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Pumpkin Pie Is By Far My Favorite

    It's that time of year again, when most men are talking about football or hunting.
    Me though, I am not into watching football, I would rather play. I am not into hunting, it makes no sense to me why I must pay attention to the gender of the deer....I mean really!!! I am not going to wait in a tree stand all day long out in the cold and wet(possibly wet), just to see a deer that I can't shoot and put on my plate because it's the wrong sex!!!!

    That my friends is why I am a computer geek and love to play guitar, with both I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor plus release that urge to be dominate.
    There are some, mostly women( I would think) that are at this moment complaining about all the calories that they are going to regret and have to go nuts at the gym.
    Those are the ones that are not going to like me too much this week.....LOL!! I am only 50 and I can still eat all those sweets without having to worry about putting on the un-wanted pounds....LOL!!
    My family will tell you I love my pumpkin pie!!
    I cut my 1st one up last night! I prefer pumpkin pie over even turkey!!
    I love pumpkin pie so much that my family always makes sure that I have my very own, all mine, all to myself and no one else.....mine!!!!
    Don't get me wrong I am gonna have some turkey, deviled eggs, mashed tators and rolls etc...


    What's your favorite food at Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments.....Peace and Love to you and Yours!! Have an Awesome Monday!!!

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  • Nov 12th 2018 at 8:19 AM
    Sending E-mails Will Help You

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    I Have been busy lately, which means....

    This past week...well the last 3 weeks have been busy for me. I am still working on getting fully back into my main house that I left set empty all of last year.
    This week looks as though it will be much the same as the previous 3.
    That means that I am not able to market as much in the TE's. I will not be able to work on my blogs as much as I would Like to as well.
    I will be able to send out E-mails though!!

    Use Safelist And Viral Mailers To Help You Maximize Your Time

    As I said, I am busy getting my main house together. My previous experience has taught me that using safelist and viral mailers gets results...period!!
    Over this weekend alone I sent out 5-6 solos, and roughly 20k e-mails, my results=3 new subscribers and 2 new referrals.
    I am unable to get those kinda results using TE's alone. Te's are great for getting traffic to your site or squeeze/splash pages but.......if your new to a community, you most likely will not get any results, not until folks get to know ya a bit.
    With safelist and Viral Mailers, folks kinda have to sit there and check out your ads so they can mail too.
    That means that if they are interested in what you are offering they can just open another window and complete the steps they need to complete...all the while the timer in the other window is still running down. They are not being inconvenienced as much as they would be while surfing sites in the TE's, since most TE timers are below 10 sec.
    I have noticed that although most of the safelist and viral mailers I use have less then 10-15 sec. timers, I tend to get results from sending e-mails for the same ads I am running in the TE's...all I get from the TE's is traffic.
    The TE's for me right now are just a way to allow folks to get familiar with who I am and what I am offing....until folks do I know that 9 times outta 10 they are not going to interrupt their surfing to truly check out my offers or even my site....they for sure are not going to subscribe to my list from a TE.
    At least in my experience until folks are familiar with me they do not join or subscribe from TE's. Once they are used to seeing my ads and are adjusted to my particular, shall we say flavor of advertising, then I will start to see results from TE's just as easily as I do when I send E-mails....I know I will cause I have done this before, I know how this works.
    If your strapped for time send out e-mails, you should include safelist and viral mailers in your advertising plan anyways. Use the TE's to brand yourself and network with others. As time goes by and you are consistent then getting results in the TE's comes just as least that has been my experience.


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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Have You Noticed Whom Really Is Willing To Be Helpful?

    Hello again!! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and find your self refreshed and focused this week!!
    I want to touch on a subject that everyone of us have faced at one point or another in this type of marketing business....Whom is really wiling to help or be helpful, and whom is just saying it.

    I found these TE's and Viral Mailers back in 2010, during that time frame I found a group of site owners that seemed to be my answer...right? Sound familiar?
    Just about a week ago, one of those site owners announced that the company that so many have come to know and learn from...even earn from until PayPal shut them off too, like so many others, was dis-banding. He said that he was keeping the biggest part of the sites involved and too be looking forward to some much needed changes!! I hope it comes to be that he does indeed revamp CTP (I was not going to mention it but....I need to for a point of reference)!!
    But I must say I have been supportive because of how easy it is to reach this person and to get a response from him. With that being said....I am also seeing his focus is not on CTP at all, now he may have Blain or whom ever in the background taking of things...can't really tell though. I wish the luck but I have lost faith.
    For years I have came and went from this community, for years I have seen the Affiliate Funnel ads, I have seen Tony Tezak all over the place. But I will admit it was not until recently that I decided to take a leap of faith and join Affililiate Funnel(I honestly thought that I had already...LOL), butthat only came about because of me attending the webinars they have for their members of Affiliate funnel and The Know Guys/ The Membership Script.
    I had not set in on one since some time in June...but 3 weeks ago I did, they helped me tweak a capture page, which is doing well too, and Brenda Boyles sent some of us that were there an invite to the LFM skype group link.
    I am a lurker, in life and on-line, I like to sit back and watch folks and get to know them from a distance before approaching them.
    I am seeing and experiencing community involvement like I have never ever saw at any time over the last few yrs!!
    I've found a couple of TE's that are very active lately(Hungry 4 Hits and Hit's and List Cafe), I honestly was both surprised and very pleased...I upgraded! See other than Traffic Swirl, I have found that most TE chat's are dead no one even says hi and if you ya do then it's hours before any one else says anything.
    I am finding that these groups of marketers and site owners are around and ready to help or just shoot the crap any time of the day!!


    The person I was eluding to from CTP is Jon Olson....although I am confused about the direction he is going and where CTP stands, he has been a big help to me just because he is always available and responsive to his messages, but I have noticed that those whom he is surrounding himself with, as was the case with TimTech, are not/ or are they willing to be so available. Yet they preach that they are!!
    With the LFM and Affiliate Funnel group, what I am seeing is a group of owners and veteran marketers that are very active and helpful, but most of them are focused, not on money but building relationships and personal branding. You have 20-30 owners/marketers that are always there lurking themselves...they ain't fooling me....I have been set to invisible mode for 4 days now!! LOL!! I used to think that only Sweeva(yes I know It's dead advertising these days) was the place to find such activity and help!!
    What I am trying to point out is that if you want to grow on-line and find true help then you need to find the group's and/or person's that are on-line and reachable....meaning that if you send them an msg on skype or discord or FB or......if they do not answer you with-in 12-24hrs then they are not very active and are most likely full of BS!!
    For example...I had upgraded my Viral Commando Profits this past weekend, while collecting my extras for doing so I entered a promo code at Viral Taco Traffic that downgraded my account there, right?
    So I send Mari Jones-Fritz a support ticket. I figured It was a little late so I would not hear back until the next morning sometime.....less than 2 minutes later it was fixed and she sent me an e-mail letting me know!!!


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  • Nov 3rd 2018 at 4:42 PM
    What Did You Learn Today?

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Creating Ads That Are Short And Sweet

    Today I made sure to attend Affiliate Funnel's "The Know How Guys" webinar.
    My gut was telling me not to miss it, and I am glad I did at least have it open in the back ground.
    I am painting the living room and my computer room, so I was having to multi-task.
    I kinda felt like the discussion was meant for me. I have a bad habit of creating ads that have too much info or to much visual stuff going on. I also have a bad habit of not being clear about what it is I want my potential customer/subscriber to do!

    What Did I learn Today?

    I learned that I need to not be myself as much when creating my ads....why?

    1. I tend to ramble and it finds it way into my ad copy. So I need to make myself not ramble so to speak in my ad copy.

    2. I tend to ad to much visually to my ads, so I need to cut back so that my ads do not seem so confusing to the end user.

    3. I may need to change the way I am trying to brand myself, because I may be coming off the wrong way and therefore sending the wrong message to my potential customers/subscribers.

    That last tip I got is a hard one for me....I do take everything I do to heart, when I am told that I need to let people get to know me , trust me and to build relationships with them...well I am going to do as I have my whole life. I am going to be honest, I am going to admit that I am Bi-Polar and ADHD. I am going to let you know exactly whom I am. I do not know how not to.
    At the end of the day I am attempting to build an income on-line just like everyone else in this community. I hope people will give me a chance to get to know me and trust I will you.
    If I am causing persons to shy away from me because I am being me....well then that is just the way it is going to be!!
    That last tip is just not going to work for me...I am outspoken, I am loud and boisterous....I am quiet and loving too. My ads will always reflect those things, I can't help it I am me.

    Peace and Love To Yas!! Let me know what yas think and let's become friends here on Hungry 4 Hits!! Have A Great Weekend!!!!

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    Designing A New Capture Page And Looking Forward To Thanksgiving

    I hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween!!
    This morning I am starting to work on new capture page for this month to ad to the ones I am running now.

    I am building a capture page that is going to be thanksgiving themed. I am stuck because I have several animated gif's I can use.....I am having a hard time choosing, LOL!!

    These Are The Guide Line I Am Trying to Follow, Which Are Making My Decision Hard

    • I need to make sure that my design does not require the end user (the potential subscriber), does not have to scroll. I only want them to sit there and read and follow thru before the timer goes down.

    • I need to use graphics that are eye catching but not to busy or to many colors. That's a problem for me because I like to create backgrounds that are very bright and colorful, then ad in some fixed or animated gif's in the foreground.

    • I need to edit the code for my capture box that I get from Traffic Wave Auto Responderso that is does not look like everyone elses

    • Lastly, and most important, I need to get my message across without it sounding so much like me, meaning I can't let it contain info that is not necessary for them to know at that point. I am the kinda person that is quite at first but when you get to know me I tend to ramble on a lot and bounce from subject quite a bit. I recently learned that my ads seem to have more info than needed, causing my message to be unclear...hence me actually rambling in my ads, LOL!!

    What Are Your Guide Lines For Creating A Capture Page

    That's my new guide lines I am trying to follow. Up until a couple of weeks ago I really did not stop to think about as much as I had thought.
    I remembered to attend a webinar fromAffiliate Funnel, I am glad I did. They were showing off their designs and getting advice from each other...and the over whelming consensus was that my designs were too busy and my message was unclear. One of my designs required the end user to have to scroll just to get to my capture form.
    I ended up changing one of my capture pages, implementing their suggestions, and the other I ma redesigning period.
    The one I made changes to, keeping it in rotation, it has since gotten me 14 new subscribers since!
    So how do you decide what to include or not, how do you create your tag line?
    Please Let me Know!!! Here Is one of the gif's I am for sure going to include:

    animated turkey's walking picture

    Until Next Post Peace And Love To Yas!!

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  • Oct 30th 2018 at 8:34 AM
    Happy Halloween Week

    Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    The Day Before Halloween

    As a child, today was a day that seemed like it was sooooooooo loooooooooong! We would go to school barely paying attention in class because we were talking about how we were going to dress for this very cool holiday.

    Fast forward to 2018...I honestly can not tell you if kids today are being allowed to be kids. I watched the news last night locally, I was so saddened by the news of a communities where the adult populous has decided that they were not going to celebrate Halloween on the 31st, instead they have decided to move it to the upcoming weekend or they allowed it to be celebrated this past weekend!!

    Halloween Is Supposed To Be the 31st Of October!!

    I can only speak for myself, but I am against moving holidays around to make it easier for an adult to be an adult!! My moms , My Aunt's and Uncle's grinned and bared it. I mean if Halloween fell in the middle of the week they stayed up late and took us out to trick-n-treat, they did what us adults are supposed to do, they dealt with it and did the best they could for us- the kids!! Today all I see is a world moving so fast that us adults are failing to slow down for the holidays, and enjoying the precious moments that holidays bring us.

    I wonder how long it will be before it is acceptable to move let's say Xmas or the 4th of July so that adults are not inconvenienced by the really important things in life, like work and money.

    Notice I did not mention family!!!

    We all watched in dis-belief of all the evil that took place over the weekend in Pittsburgh,P.A., we watched the bombs be delivered....

    Maybe It's time to slow down and enjoy our loved ones and this holiday, every holiday for that matter....just maybe it's time to start to put family 1st again and the job of making the corporate machine richer 2nd!

    Just my thought....just my little rant...but at the end of it all I hope that you pause for a moment and realize that putting family 1st, and not moving holiday celebrations around to make life convenient is one of the most important decisions we make each day in life....

    Any Ways Happy Halloween!!! Have a great week full of peace and love and Family and then success!!

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    I Was Just Checking In On Some Of My Social Networks

    This morning I was checking in on some of the social networks I belong to. I know you all have been hearing about "SteemSavvy" and "Steemit".
    Well. while I was going thru the new and trending post on the Steemit this morning when I came across 2 very cool sites.

    These 2 sites will allow you to further monetize your socialization on-line.
    I have a section on my site much like Musing's, but I must admit that mine is crap in comparison to Musing's, at this moment that is! I am just getting started again.
    Parley is like most other forums, except that it's on a blockchain.
    Parley openly admits that they created their site to compete with reddit
    Check Out My video I made for yas below:

    I hope you enjoy this post...Add me as friend here on Hungry 4 Hits.....follow me on twitter @ziggy2get69, and lastly find me on steemit@psimpson I would love to connect with you!! Until next time have a great day and weekend!! Laterz!!

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  • Bi-Polar Marketing On Hungry 4 Hits Banner

    It's Been One Of Those Weeks

    This week has been one of those weeks that is just so frustrating to even have to deal with.
    This past Sunday I planned out my week so that I would be able to complete all of my daily task I feel I need to do for my business and my education.
    Well........that all went to the crapper really quick!!!
    I had mentioned in one of my earlier post that I had a house I left set for about a year. This week after having all the utilities on for about 6 weeks, I started having electrical issues , got that solved. Then I came across a water line issue, got that solved

    As if my house causing me issues that need to be taken care of, is not enough......I have been fighting with the Internet connection for the last 36 hrs now!! UGH!!!!

    So I decided to vent here a little, since most of you face the same issues in life and I figured you would understand.
    Plus I wanted to make sure everyone knows I did not up and quit marketing again.....


    So how do you get thru it and stay positive when it's all going wrong?
    Do you give up, shut down and quit or do you keep plugin along when ever you can?

    I am really interested to know how you deal with obstacles, so leave a comment below and let me know!!Ad Me as A Friend On Hungry 4 Hits TOO!!
    LOL that rhymed!!

    Have a great day!! I am finishing up my series on my site , Bi-Polar Marketing , about A.I. Software used for content creation. Stop on by sometime and check it out I would love to have ya and would truly enjoy your input!

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  • I follow this guy on youtube, it helps me keep up to date with crypto news....I f this works You will get see this awesome info packed video about Ripple and his prediction for the future of ripple...might be time to invest if you can; Peace and Have a great day!!

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  • What A Busy Week I've Had So Far

    I have had one heck of a busy week so far and it's only Tuesday...whew!

    I have not been online the last couple of days as much as I would like because the house I am moving back into decided I needed to spend some more money. LOL

    I left this house set for a yr, so I could update the heating and central air. Well, over that yr a water line froze, fixed it.
    I myself have been already staying here for the last month. I have spent the last couple of days chasing down a short that was causing my water heater to keep kicking off the breaker....ugh!!!! I finally found it....then the elements went out fixed and fingers crossed!!

    Have You Ever Had A New Subscriber Send A Reply

    If You are building your E-mail list(You Should Be, by the way),then you will understand my surprise and amazement as well as my excitement.

    Late last night I, think it was, I was going thru my e-mails for the last time before calling it a day.
    I have a folder set up for my list, cause I have my auto-responder notify me every time I get a new subscriber.

    I see that I have a couple new mails, so of course I check them to make sure that no one has reached out to me.
    I was fully expecting just to find a couple of notifications telling me I had new subscribers

    Instead I found something so much better!!

    My subscriber used the reply button and sent me not 1 but 2 e-mails!!
    The 1st was thinking me for giving him my latest free report "Easy List Hacks".
    Man I was blown away and stoked just form that! As I said it was late, and I got excited.
    Anyone whom knows me will tell you I am severely ADHD and have a heck of a time staying focused any ways.
    So I am looking for this 2nd e-mail, not realizing that it was another from this person...I was expecting another e-mail letting me know I had another subscriber.

    I came to realize I was doing my adhd thing and missed the fact that it was the same e-mail chain, another reply!!

    My subscriber was wanting to know how you can even start to build a list when you do not know of a way to get traffic to your squeeze page.
    So I sent an E-mail back and thanked them for joining my list and asking for my help!!
    In that e-mail I told them to follow along to the newsletter series that they will start receiving daily from me and that along with my free report would help them learn how to build a list and generate traffic to their squeeze pages.

    I did not stop there though....for a brief moment I was able to see the gift before me!!
    So I also sent my subscriber to some pages I have created on my site Bi-Polar Marketing.
    One is all of the mailers I use and recommend, the other is all of the Traffic Exchanges I use!!
    I let them know that those pages would help them start getting traffic to their squeeze page for free right away while they were learning from my newsletters,(which are not really mine they are the default letters for my TRW team) which are designed to hopefully get them to become a Traffic Wave user too!!

    The just of it week has been busy so far, but the work I was able to put in over the weekend and when I could so far this week has gotten me that subscriber!!
    But personally, this was a 1st....I have never had a subscriber reach out to me let alone thank me and ask for help!!

    I am still stoked....tired but stoked!!!

    Have you ever experienced this?

    Let me know how you would've ....I would like to know how you handled it!!

    Peace and I hope ya had a great Tuesday, and Have a great hump day!!!!! Laterz!!!

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  • This Weekend Was Awesome!!

    Today has been an awesome day, actually the whole weekend has been awesome.
    I got some really good feed back from some folks that have been around a few yrs about some of my ads. Which is always great!!
    True feed back is what I am talking about.
    Like hey your font is blurry or there are to many things going on, or the splash is to big and making people scroll, people don't like to scroll.

    Do I know Of A Site Where I Can Earn $200 A Month

    Which leads me to a question I was asked today, Do I know a site that will allow me to make $200 bucks a month right now.
    I answered with the truth....No I do not at the moment anymore.
    I told the person that everything I am doing right now is mostly with using free crypto to generate more, or the strategy I am using takes time to generate that amount each month.
    My plan is to brand myself and my company within my target community. That takes time because you have to build relationships and trust with your clients/fellow marketers.

    I did tell her that at one time I was able to earn that Kinda income if I wanted from Clixsense.
    I forget to tell her that, back in 2013 I used clixsense to earn the money I needed to help me buy Thanksgiving dinner that year, plus I was able to earn enough from there to help pay the winter bills.
    I was able to give her and idea about something I thought she should seriously think about doing because of the things I see here sharing in the social networks.

    The Just Of It All

    You can earn that kinda income when your starting out if you want to sit at one site all day doing research task, surveys for sure.
    But if you want to build that kinda income with out limiting your self it takes time everyday.
    In some way you must focus your efforts on being trust worthy and truthful and always helpful if you can.
    I do not no if I was able to help her, I would like to think I did....
    Just as I would like to think that I am with You!!

    Have A great Week!!! Peace

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  • Oct 20th 2018 at 9:06 AM
    Getting Ready For A new Day

    Hello again!!!

    So I decided that I would share with you my process I go thru of a morning trying to decide how I will spend My day.
    Here lately the very 1st thing I do is check all of my computers to make sure that they are still up and mining crypto. Now when I say mining crypto I mean browser mining. See I use coinpot on 3 pc's to mine Litecoin and the one I am writing this post on I use for coinhive mining and all my surfing and e-mailing and ad creation along with web design and school.
    I then get my coffee going, then I claim crypto from all of the moon sites. They pay out a daily loyalty up to 100%...ex: this morning right before I started to write this post I claimed from Moon Litecoin Faucet, that amount was 0.00010328LTC!! With out referrals!!
    Next I open Free bitcoin and then Free dogecoin and claim and then I leave that window open so I can use the sites count down timer until next claim to gage my time I spend surfing the TE's. I have 20 sites that I want to surf everyday, but I only allow myself 4-6 hrs a day on TE's. I have found that this allows me to surf at least 150 pages at each TE each day.
    I then send out some E-mails, depending on the day depends on how many. I belong to 15 viral and safelist mailers, that number will go up or down depending on my results and the activity of the members.
    I then will take couple of hrs to study for school, maybe longer.
    Honestly lately I have slowed down with my studies for web design at school because I am a little frazzled mentally right now from studying so hard...see I started this course in May this yr and I am already in my Java class, leaving only my C++ class left then I am done a graduate!! This is a 12 month course and I am already about finished! But I have a piece of code in my head for an assignment that I am not so sure about so I been thinking about it hard for the last 3 wks or so.
    So today Being Saturday, I think I will actually complete that code and send it in to be graded...wish me luck!!
    I like to finish off my days by getting some post on Bi-Polar Marketing ready to be posted and I use the NYT's the most to help me with that. I am subscribed to the NYT's and L.A. Times that way I can get a good take on the news from the east coast and the west coast!! Now I do not always post as much as I should, because I either have nothing to write that will make sense or because Life has just kicked me and I am down on myself and working to get back up...and when I do well watch out. I am back up now that is why my activity level is so high.
    Thru out the day I keep a note book and pin by me to jot down notes to my self about ideas or things I need to do.
    That's basically the way I plan and get ready each day I am able to work online.
    If you noticed I really do not plan anything, I am Bi-Polar truly I fly by the seat of my pants every day thru life, but I have a plan each day to complete the above the best I can....because I know that if I can just remain active enough in these communities I will create the relationships and connections I need to grow my downlines and my E-mail list but most important is I know it will help brand me, I just hope that Me being so transparent is not going to make people run from me, as they do in my off-line life.
    Any ways have great
    day and stop by My site Bi-Polar Marketing it's, I got this going when the owner of a site called LIst Build Surf was still around, he was promoting a deal for a lifetime hosting package that cost 50 bucks!! It's been a great deal for the most part. I f you need hosing for a word press blog and you intend to be involved in this type of marketing I would recommend Lifetime Hosting they are really quick with help and service.
    Peace and Love to YAs all!!

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  • Oct 19th 2018 at 7:59 AM
    Hello, I am Patrick Simpson

    Hello, I wanted to take advantage of this new way here at Hungry For Hits that we have to introduce ourselves and connect with others.
    I have been marketing off and on for yrs(since about 2003), I got started back this year because of my interest in crypto and starting my own business online again. Along the way I have started to build my 1st site for with this community in mind. I plan to have it ready for launch by Jan 1st 2019, my fingers are crossed.
    I am disabled, but I take care of my moms, she lost her eyesight a little over 5 yrs ago, she is diabetic and has trouble getting around. We have 3 dogs and I have 3 kids that have given me 6 grandchildren.
    I like to surf and create ads for the sites I believe in and use. I promote my site and list the most because that's why I am doing this in the 1st place.
    I like to code, love to play guitar and I love to market and connect with other like minded people.
    There are days when I am not so apparently active but in the background I am working on my business, with design web pages or graphics or editing video and everyday I collect my free crypto from the Moon Faucets and have since March this yr.
    Any ways thats a little bit about me and I hope to meet you online and connect so that we may help each other achieve our goals.

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